Erza defeats Kyouka! Face Activates – Fairy Tail 404

Fairy Tail 404 see’s the activation of the Face weapon as Kyouka aids in speeding up the process to a point that she is able to die smiling. While Erza also tries her absolute best to defeat Kyouka before she can do anything, however Face activates just as she goes all out. 

Fairy Tail 404 begins as Kyouka finds it impossible that Erza is able to move with nothing but instinct. However Erza just keeps on pushing Kyouka back with all her power while others watch on. The others predict how she could be doing it, however Happy just mentions that it could just be because it’s Erza.

Erza punches Kyouka when she also begins to go crazy and decrease the time, she also builds her power when she attacks Erza back, Erza feels the pain when Kyouka goes to mention that she will hit her with all her power, however Erza falls down and senses Kyouka above here when she kicks up.

It seems like Erza is able to see again when Erza uses her technique and brings out two swords to totally punish Kyouka! The timer is on less than a minute when Minerva has to catch Erza’s sword and give the finishing blow. However we see Kyouka smiling as the timer has finally hit the crucial zero! And Face is turned on! Fairy Tail 404 ends here.

A fantastic chapter, although most of it was just the end to their battle, it seems that Face activating will be somewhat the end of every mage. Nevertheless, it should be good to see next week’s Fairy Tail 405, titled “Tartarus Arc – Part Six: Magna Carta”.

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