Erza’s Pride in Fairy Tail! Moulin Rouge – Fairy Tail 203

Fairy Tail 203 tells the story of Moulin Rouge, or as we know her Bisca Connell when she first came to Magnolia, she used the Fairy Tail name when she encountered Erza who taught her a lesson or two. The episode is surrounded by the relationship of Erza and Bisca and how it relates to billiards. 

Fairy Tail 203 begins in Fairy Tail as Gray and the others are playing billiards from someone who had donated it to them to play.  They begin playing and it seems that Gray is quite good. Erza appears after hearing all of Natsu’s ruckus and is asked if she has played it, we go the past where Erza is within a pool place.

She is asked to play, she turns into a bunny outfit and when she strikes, she breaks all the balls. After she apologies, she is noticed to have the Fairy Tail symbol on her hand. They quickly scatter after noticing that she is with Moulin Rouge, someone who has been using the Fairy Tail name to do some dirty work.

Erza mentions that someone shouldn’t be using the Fairy Tail name like that, she goes to the cake shop next door where she wants some cake but cannot since her job is now to talk with Moulin Rouge. She changes into a waitress outfit to which she meets Moulin.

She quickly begins to talk dirty with Erza mentioning that she cannot do anything when Erza quickly brings out her sword and destroys the table. The battle begins as Erza’s outfit is taken off her by the hands of Moulin. Erza then changes into her other form where she uses Moulin’s face to break through the wall.

Moulin is said to be the fastest hands to which she uses her bullets against Erza but don’t work, however Erza just deflects them towards the billiard table getting all of them in just with the force of her bullets. Erza looks down on Moulin rouge.

She begins to cry in defeat mentioning that she did so to get medicine for Sonny, who she cares for. She couldn’t do anything else expect steal, however Erza looks upon this and smacks her, then mentions that you can never use the words of Fairy Tail or do anything bad to their word as Erza cares for the words.

However Moulin begins to cry while Erza leaves her alone, to a point where Erza says that she can come to Fairy Tail for jobs if she likes. We also learn her real name to be Bisca Mulan, otherwise known as Bisca Connell.

We see Bisca show up with Erza to play with Natsu and Gray and the others. However before she had joined, we saw Natsu and Gray fight. Bisca had come into the guild for the first time, to which she asks for food and job, Natsu and Gray both introduce themselves to her. Now we see Bisca and Erza play their first match together. Fairy Tail 203 ends here.

A great episode, a little filler like and not really tying in with anything at the moment. Similar to the episode in next week’s Fairy Tail 204, titled “Lives on the Line for the Reception” when we see Yukino and Lucy in an episode about Celestial spirits, can’t wait, even if they’re a little boring.


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