Obito is Ten Tail’s Jinchuuriki! Madara vs Hashirama – Naruto Shippuden 378

Naruto Shippuden 378 shows Obito gaining full control of the Ten Tail’s Power as he uses it against the Hokage’s to remove them from the fight altogether. We also see Madara finally step up and begin fighting Hashirama as it seems that he can no longer wait on the side lines as he wishes to bring out his awesome trump card.

Naruto Shippuden 378 begins as everyone notices that the Ten Tails has disappeared. Hinata notices that the Ten Tails seems to have been absorbed into Obito fully. She cannot explain how he did such a thing but it has definitely been sucked in. We see Obito appear in his new form.

Obito seems to be surrounded like crystal looking things where he has a Sharingan and Rinnegan. The Hokage’s are able to comprehend what has just happened. Obito looks around when Sasuke asks Naruto how he knows that Obito has become the Ten Tails, he tells him that he can sense all the beasts as well.

Hashirama places restrains on Obito however seconds later we see those restrains disappear as they crumble. Obito then uses the five hands being formed from his back as they’re used to quickly destroy the field that was protecting everyone. Hashirama mentions for them to keep their guards up as he’s broken the barrier.

Obito appears while Minato tells him to stop. Obito himself doesn’t understand whats happening as he doesn’t even know his own name. The Hokage’s appear when they clearly know they’re nothing against Obito. Obito gets ready to attack, Madara also mentions that he no longer has any time now, and thus he has to use his trump card.

Seconds later we see both Hashirama and Tobirama quickly bashed from the sides as they plan on attacking it. Minato and Hiruzen are told to scram from the place while Tobirama uses his jutsu to release endless explosive tags on Obito. However when it does end, we see that Obito had just used his liquid black to protect himself from the attacks.

Hiruzen tries to attack with his shuriken however moments later he’s also taken down quickly from the attacks of Obito. He’s whole body and torso are split from his legs. Naruto freaks as Sasuke tells him that they’re Edo Tensei and know this, they’re testing out his abilities. Hashirama tries to attack however Madara appears there as he can no longer wait for him. Madara vs Hashirama will begin soon.

We see Obito jump to Minato however his body is unstable and becomes large. Minato wants to use his technique to create an opening. However seconds later we see Naruto get hit from Obito from the ground, while Sasuke helps to save Naruto. Both Naruto and Sasuke are then caught however Naruto uses his abilities to transport them using Minato’s technique.

Obito’s body begins to becomes more and more unstable, he even goes as far as to attack himself so the extra mass he’s gained is just destroyed. We also find out that Obito’s consciousness is barely hanging on. We see that Obito is being taken apart from the inside however later he discovers that he needs to do it for Rin. He puts himself back together when we see a while new Obito appear!

Minato continues his attack however is quickly taken out as one of his hand is ripped apart. We also see Minato use his flash technique to return to his previous position however seconds later we see Minato notice that he’s brought a bomb with him at the place of his arm. It begins to glow and will later explode! Naruto Shippuden 378 ends here.

A great episode with lots of awesome and crazy stuff happening all over the place. On top of which I believe that Obito has become a serious problem. And what could be Madara’s trump card now. Can’t wait to see what happens next during next week’s Naruto Shippuden 379, titled “An Opening”, when we continue with the battle and war.


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