Obito Ten Tail’s Jinchuuriki! Madara’s Rinne Tensei – Naruto Shippuden 375

Naruto Shippuden 375 impresses as Kakashi vs Obito see’s the win to go to Kakashi however Obito is quickly taken control by Madara to which he plans on using the Rinne Tensei. However moments later, Minato strikes his own student in order to prevent him allowing for Obito to become the Ten Tail’s Jinchuuriki and use it’s powers. 

Naruto Shippuden 375 begins as the 5 Kage’s hear the situation and begin their way to the battlefield. The Ten Tails begins to burn from Sasuke and Naruto’s attack. Naruto asks Sasuke to help him bring out the other Tailed Beasts while he says no to which he’d like to burn them too in order to create a new system.

The Ten tails sends the burned part elsewhere and it’s main body is no longer burning. Sai talks to Sakura about her feelings towards Sasuke and if he might be a problem to which she mentions that Sasuke is back and on their side, she trusts him. Sai looks at her lies and her fake smile.

Shikamaru see’s this and doesn’t take it into account. Both Kakashi and Obito are fighting each other to the max to which they’re both using Genjutsu, they then mention to fight for real. Obito can’t find anything that he can use to change him.

They both fight and do the hand in hand combat sign and begin their fight. Strikes are throw, and not just any type of fight, at the same time we see the fight they had when they were much smaller. Kakashi takes a hit but stands back up.

Both of them fight each other as it begins to get more and more emotional, Kakashi seems to be getting hit more often. Obito even uses him for a Fire Style Fire Ball Style technique. It seems that these situations are repeating itself from the past. Kakashi gets hit however a clone saves him.

Kakashi gets a hand in the battle and pushes him back when in the younger fight Kakashi wins the battle. However now Obito steps up and so does Kakashi when they both strike each other in the chest. This time creating a hole in both of their chests for real! Some past moments are mentioned here from both Sasuke and Naruto.

Kakashi mentions that he’s much stronger and wants to protect the world and Obito’s past, and thus Kakashi has to kill the current Obito in order to protect the old one. They both strike each other, blood flows from both of them as it seems they’re both at the end of their lives.

Obito has a huge hole in his body to which he mentions that he’ll let this fight be his however he won’t let the war go to waste. He goes back while Kakashi is still there hurt. Madara kills the clone from Hashirama.

Madara notices Obito on top of the Ten Tails to which he see’s that he’s no longer of use and begins his technique where by he turns the right side of Obito’s body into a dark side similar to that of the Black Zetsu and plans on using his body for the Rinnen Tensei.

Obito weaves his hand and shouts out loud. Madara planned it all along for him to be a back up to bring him back to life. Hashirama noticed and made clones, Sasuke and Naruto go to Obito. Minato notices too. Tobirama also made clones to which he couldn’t make a lot either.

They all go to the Madara there to stop him. Minato also creates a clone. Sasuke and his snake are captured while it explodes he uses the time to shoot Obito however it fails. Sasuke has to run, while Naruto also follows.

Obito keeps on thinking about Rin, then Kakashi appears and so does Minato. Both Rin and Kakashi walk forward when Minato notices that he does love her, to which seconds later we see Minato appear and strike Obito with his kunai. Obito notices that it was him from that night a long time ago.

Obito collapses, Madara smiles and mentions that it was a failure for him to do a think. Tobirama asks if he had already marked him. Minato mentions that the mark never disappears. Minato wanted him to become a Hokage, to which he asks himself why he would do such a thing.

Sasuke arrives and mentions that the war will be over when Obito speaks and mentions that he still lives. The Ten Tails goes crazy, both Minato and Sasuke back off, Naruto helps him. He quickly notices that something strange is going on as Obito has turned into a small ball to which it cracks and Naruto mentions that Obito is the Ten Tail’s Jinchuuriki! Naruto Shippuden 375 ends here!

A crazy episode, the animation and everything was fantastic, it looks magnificent to see Obito in such a powerful position, plus Madara’s plan may have not worked but he’s still smiles. Can’t wait to see whats next however we’ll see a filler in next week’s Naruto Shippuden 376, titled “Extra Edition: The Directive to Take the Nine Tails” when a Robot Naruto appears.


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