Eclipse Gate Destroyed! Dragon Invasion Ends – Fairy Tail 198

Fairy Tail 198 gets underway to see the end of the arc as the Eclipse Gate is destroyed by a falling dragon,  all the dragons as well as the Future Lucy and Future Rogue all disappear from that time line. The Dragon Invasion ends as they all go back to their own timeline from which they came from.

Fairy Tail 198 begins as both Yukino and Lucy get ready to open the 12 Gates to use, they open them and quickly attack however realise that they did next to no damage on the Eclipse gate itself. It’s made of Magnanium which usually just absorbs magical damage. Natsu and Future Rogue are fighting.

Levy goes to help Gajeel. Natsu tries to attack however it doesn’t seem to be doing a lot to him. Future Rogue turns himself to shadow and uses it to attack smack Natsu from side to side to which he nearly falls off the dragon he’s on. He gets up and asks what had happened to Frosch.

Future Rogue mentions that he was killed, he is currently alive and terrified by what is currently going on. Future Rogue mentions that he’s going to die a year from now, he doesn’t care as he doesn’t need a side kick cat. Natsu runs to him while Future Rogue attacks back.

Natsu runs to him telling him that his hope is nothing, everyone has the right to choose their own future. He gets close and gets a helping hand from Atlas Flame to which he pushes and smacks Future Rogue to a point that he has never!

We see Future Lucy as she wakes up and the whole dream that we’ve been seeing. We see Natsu fight a large number of dragons to which he was then beaten up and killed afterwards. Yukino and Lucy are at their limits as they’re unable to move Eclipse Gate even a little.

However out of nowhere from the sky we see a fireball coming, consisting of Motherglare, Atlas Flames, Natsu and Future Rogue. IT gets to the ground to hit the Eclipse Portal directly. We also see Future Rogue disabled from the attack. Each and every being from the Future begins to glow and sparkle as it returns to its own time.

Hisui approaches Zirconis to which she mentions that she is sorry for what has happened, she created the gate and did not want to do so. The dragons return one by one, even the minions. Atlas tells Natsu that he wont forget him, Natsu thanks him for his help.

Everyone begins to cheer however the Dragon Slayers tells themselves that they were unable to defeat even one dragon. None of them were able to take one down, Mavis is also disappointed with what she saw. They didn’t win but for now it’s over.

Future Rogue begins to disappear to which he mentions that the shadows that took him over had done this, one year from now, the day he lost Frosch is when it had consumed him. He tells Natsu to tell Rogue that one year from now, someone will kill Frosch, we don’t find out who and thus protect him.

Future Lucy also begins to disappear as she returns to a golden grassland to which she see’s Natsu and Happy as well as others there, they tell her to go to them as she notices that she has finally returned to her family. It seems that she has passed on. Lucy hugs Natsu as she feels happy. Fairy Tail 198 ends here.

A great chapter to end the arc, the battle is over and it’s time to enter a new arc of action and adventure. However before that we’ll get to see the Palace put on a ball for the mage’s for helping to save the city. Can’t wait for the next Fairy Tail 199, titled “The Grand Ball”, episode.


There are 2 comments

  1. angelica M cuesta

    Are they all stupid? Like seriously everyon kept asking who will kill the lame cat in the future!!! I’m constantly annoyed so let me take out these emotions.

    ROUGE WILL BE THE ONE TO KILL FROSCH. Because he’ll be consumed by the shadows, and look at his mouth for petes sake! It says “watashi” lol.

    Anyway, no hard feelings. Please don’t put this up as a spoiler again -_- . Its my opinion ALRIGHT?!!


    1. Sunite

      I think you misunderstand, I have a pretty clear idea of who might be killing Frosch. And I’ve not even read a single article. The reason why Sting dies is because he kills Frosch (most likely by accident) and Frosch is so upset that the shadow takes over and thus goes on a revenge rampage. From then on he won’t know himself.


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