Natsu and Gajeel vs Tempesta and Torafusa – Fairy Tail 395

Fairy Tail 395 see’s the great battle between Natsu and Gajeel versus Tempesta and Torafusa as they both enable their stronger form as their Dragon’s Modes as well as their Etherious forms. Natsu and Gajeel bet on the winner to sing about the loser, to which they both even punch each other. While Mard Geer vs Sting and Rogue keep on fighting each other. 

Fairy Tail 395 begins as Juvia wins against Keith while the other Tartarus members are shocked to find this out. However Juvia seems to have something from her mouth to which Tempesta mentions that she was within Keith’s body and thus got infected by the Magical barrier particles.

She falls down when Lucy catches her, she mentions that she’d like to see Gray when Lucy tells her that she will. Rogue and Sting keep on fighting against Mard Geer and seem to be handling his attacks pretty well. Mard mentions that this is the first time any humans have been able to stand up against him.

Erza and Minerva keep on walking trying to find the control room to stop the attacks while Minerva thinks about Sting and Rogue. The cats gets a little distracted as they talk about how good Minerva’s cooking is.

Natsu mentions that it’s time they also took care of them too, Tempesta mentions that he’s bored of this, when they begin to mention that they’re not facing Humans, but in fact dragon mages. They begin to power up mentioning that it’s time for them to show the powers of Etherious.

Natsu and Gajeel both smile too and also power up their bodies as Natsu enables his Lightning Flame Dragon Mode while Gajeel enables his Iron Shadow Dragon Mode! Tempesta and Etherious also enable their Etherious form! Gajeel explains that he got his from Future Rogue’s shadow magic.

Gajeel mentions that he’s is stronger to which Natsu also tells Gajeel that he’s not and that his Lightning is a lot stronger. They make a bet to which the loser has to write an ode about the wonder and glory that is the winner.

Natsu and Gajeel moments after strike Tempesta and Torafusa to which they both smash both of them with the speed of a bullet and kick the others ass. They keep on beating them up to which Natsu then enables his Crimson Lotus Exploding Lightning Blade! Gajeel then enables his Iron Shadow Dragon’s Roar pushing both of their opponents right down!

Torafusa mentions that they’re both demons, as seconds later they both punch each other in the face just to win the bet. Torafusa is shocked that he’s just seen both of them punching each other. Fairy Tail 395 ends here.

A great chapter as it seems that both Tempesta and Torafusa have been defeated as they’re unable to get up and Natsu and Gajeel are still kicking. Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 396 as the battle of Tartarus against Fairy Tail continues.


There are 5 comments

  1. Rise

    I’m sorry if the answer is obvious, but when did rogue get the scar on his face that looks like future rogue. I notices this in the chapter, maybe I missed something from the grand magic games


  2. grayfullbuster622

    rogue has always had that scar i believe you prob couldnt see it cause his hair was covering his face and this was a good chapter but kinda akward that gajeel and natsu punch eachother -.- that was one lame fight lol………..but i still love FT.


  3. mabritish

    I beg to differ with you gray, FT from chapter 1 until now has always like this, they always fight amongst each other every now and then. actually this was a super chapter for me, it crack me up to see those at each other throats again, and of all places while they are in the middle of a fight with some strong opponents. I just hope the infection which juvia got won’t be anything serious.

    I’m so excited to see whose gonna win 1st between those two, whoever’s gonna win will brag like hell


  4. grayfullbuster622

    ikr lol i cant wait to see it to lol but yeah this chapter was okay i guess haha and yah i never expected them k. o ing eachother.haha was funny mabritish 😀


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