Sasuke goes to Battlefield! Hokage’s Ready – Naruto Shippuden 370

Naruto Shippuden 370 tells the story of how Hashirama ended Madara’s life, as well as seeing Sasuke make his decision after learning about what a Shinobi really is. The episode covers a lot of the past memories both from Hashirama and Sasuke, altogether there isn’t much progress until we learn that Sasuke and the others, including the Hokage’s, go to the battlefield. 

Naruto Shippuden 370 begins as both Madara and Hashirama sort out the end of their battle. They attack each other as they’re tired to which Madara gets a hit on Hashirama, he goes down and tries to get up. However as Madara has already turned out, the real Hashirama appears as he stabs Madara in the back.

Hashirama tells Madara that for his village he will be willing to do anything. Madara notices that he has just killed him. Hashirama mentions that he will do anything in order to keep peace in the village, to protect everyone including the children. For which he is willing to kill whomever to get it done.

Madara mentions as he falls, that he’s new priorities will bring darkness to the village. Their battle ends here. Hashirama does not know how he returned to life. Hashirama tells Sasuke the village that joined together clans to maintain peace will give rise to despair.

Hashirama was the one who created these circumstances for the village. Sasuke mentions that Shinobi’s are those who endure for the sake of the village. Sasuke mentions Madara’s plan to be the Infinite Tsukuyomi and for it to be used for evil purposes to erase everyone’s will and keep them in a dream.

Sasuke mentions that Itachi inherited Hashirama’s will without even meeting him. We see their past to which Itachi had his own will about how he should protect the village. We see the decisions made by Hiruzen previously. We also see Itachi and his parents during the night of the Uchiha slaughter. We see his emotions and how he truly is a kind person.

We also see how Sasuke overheard members of the Leaf talking about Itachi’s death while they mention that he’s a traitor. Sasuke remembers even in his death he endured even more and died as a proud Leaf Shinobi.

Tobirama mentions that he wasn’t the only one, there was someone else called Kagami Uchiha who also looked at the village and to protect it with everything. Hiruzen mentions that Shisui Uchiha was a descended of Kagami and also had the same thing. Hiruzen mentions that Danzo was put into the darkness by Hiruzen himself.

Minato mentions if he had lived on then he would have done something more about this. Sasuke is asked about his answer to which he remembers all the times with his brother. From when they were young to when he was betrayed by him.

To when he joined the school and was told become stronger and tried to kill him. To when he did defeat him, to when he was an Edo Tensei and told him everything he needed to know. Sasuke had learned from all of this. Sasuke now understand that he doesn’t want all of that to go to waste and thus has chosen to go to the battlefield to help!

Hashirama is happy to which he’s ready to go all out to the battlefield too. Orochimaru and the others release the limit and lets them go out. Suigetsu is the only one who doesn’t want to go. Hashirama looks upon the new village and is happy. Karin appears and gets Suigetsu when he tries to escape. Karin is unhappy about Sasuke’s previous decisions but quickly gets happy as she gets closer.

Tobirama notices that she is from the Uzumaki clan, Suigetsu can’t seen to get a break. Hiruzen asks what Orochimaru’s plan is with Sasuke. He mentions that with Kabuto, he follow his way while Sasuke is not doing so, he wants to see where he goes. Minato mentions that he will finally see his son in action! Hashirama is happy to see his friend again! Naruto Shippuden 370 ends here.

A great episode however seemed to drag a little with all the past memories, however I’m finally happy that we’re finally returning to the amazing battle with Naruto and the others during next week’s Naruto Shippuden 371, titled “Hole”, as we see Madara and Obito go crazy against the others.

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