The Last: Naruto the Movie Teaser Trailer Video

The trailer for the upcoming Naruto movie, “The Last: Naruto the Movie” has aired to which it will release on the 6th of December. ‘The Last’ will be the first movie after two years of waiting, it’s also a part of Naruto’s New Era Opening Project marking the 15th anniversary of the manga series. Masashi Kishimoto is credited with the original story, character designs as well as being the chief story supervisor of the film. Watch the video below. 

The video narrates: The manga Japan can boast of to the world: Naruto. It’s been 15 years since the start of its serialization. His battle is moving toward a shocking development! And so, in winter 2014, finally, the curtain will open on the last stage. The super epic film that connects to the next generation begins! To what’s beyond the original work…
Narrator: The Last –Naruto the Movie-
Naruto: Let’s get going.

Whats your opinion on the official trailer above? tell us what you think below. We also know that Naruto will be a little taller to his current height now, this could mean that it’s been a while since we last saw him in further future. Take a look at more videos and images below.

Source: ANN, CR and SI


There are 10 comments

  1. Satouf

    I can’t see how they can follow up on the Cos the created of ninjutsu is battling them!!! So what is this new development?!! Only can think Drgon ball style outer space enimes??????


    1. Uchihainfinity

      it’s naruto universe, he could get weaker after the fight, and need to recover, like what happend after his fight with pain


      1. Sunite

        This seems like a good idea, however I don’t think it could be what we think it is. I’d like for it to be something else. I don’t want Naruto to have some kind of OP healing hand where he can’t stop it.


    1. Sunite

      I think thats the real question since we don’t technically know who it might be, plus who is he actually saying that too. If Naruto’s getting a new look, I’m sure Sasuke and many others are getting new looks too as you mentioned 😀 can’t wait!


  2. Hachiman

    One thing none of you said though is that, he totally doesn’t look like he became the Hokage, he either turned it down and left it to Kakashi, or they picked Kakashi from the start as Obito pointed out in the manga, and it said “Beyond the original story” so it means the Manga won’t get there, it will stop a little bit later after this final fight without time skipping of great lengths as in this movie.

    Now my question is, if he really turned down or he didn’t get picked to become the Hokage, then what’s the freaking point, i swear to god, for 13 years i’ve been following this shit, he’s been going on and on about becoming hokage and he’ll stop to nothing in order to achieve that, but i guess his other dream was “To make everyone acknowledge me”, so since he achieved at least that it would give at least a reason to accept the fact of him stepping down from Hokage before he even begin.


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