7 Dragon Slayers vs 7 Dragons – Fairy Tail 193

Fairy Tail 193 (Season 2 Episode 18) see’s humanity and Dragons slayers fight back against Future Rogue and the 7 dragons as Natsu pumps everyone’s hopes up to fight and stay alive. All guilds have combined their strength in order to stop against the dragon they’re facing, however it’s too much for them, thus even the prisoner Cobra is called out to battle against the dragons. 

Fairy Tail 192 begins as Motherglare smashes into the tower which Natsu was in and thus Natsu is able to quickly jump on. Natsu tries to attack and does pump Future Rogue back. Natsu seems to have exhausted his power after he keeps on fighting. He even slips off the dragon and tries to get back on.

Natsu is told to look upon the town as all dragon’s keep on fighting as they do destroying everything. Jellal told Doranbolt and Lahar to go ahead and release a prisoner to which they questions his plans. However it seems that they will need to release the prison that Jellal requested.

Fairy Tail are faced by Atlas Flame to which Gray and Juvia both get ready to extinguish his flames. They hold hands and release their Ice Geyser and Water Nebula to which it hits hard and begins to freeze everything however Atlas Flame is not stopped. Atlas Flame mentions that he’s a fire dragon and releases an attack.

Fried’s runes that were just placed were also taken out. Erza tells everyone to get back into position. Makarov begins to walk up to which he begins to use his magic to get bigger, he gets large and tells Atlas Flame that he will protect everyone here as they’re all family he then hits Atlas Flame in the face however Makarov’s hand is burned a little.

Atlas Flame attacks back pushing all of them back. Lyon, Jura and Kagura all get ready as they ride Lyon’s Ice Dragon, Ape and Snow Tiger to which they all plan on using to attack the dragon they’re facing. They do so and jump up to attack at once. They attack however not even a scratch is left on the dragon they’re facing.

Zirconis talks to Wendy and others to which they ask why he’s doing all this. Zirconis mentions that Future Rogue is the one controlling them, he’s doing what he says because he mentions that it’s fun for them. Doranbolt reaches the prison to which he goes to prison gates to talk to who we know as Cobra!

We see Sabertooth’s Orga and Rufus work together as they both attack at once against their own dragon. It’s the first time they’re working together and it seems that they’ve learnt something from Fairy Tail. The dragon screams stopping the magic that was hitting it.

We see that Sting and his dragon were talking when he told Sting to kill him and become stronger by spilling it’s blood. The same happened with Rogue as he killed his dragon was diseased. The dragon they face is strong however they mention that they want to protect their comrades.

Future Rogue tells Natsu he’s real plan, he plans on using his art of controlling dragon on Acnologia but it didn’t work however he then mentions that he plans on using the dragons here on defeating Acnologia as the only thing that can defeat a dragon is another dragon. He plans on becoming the dragon king himself. Natsu tells him that he’s so unlucky.

The only way to fight against these dragons is to use Dragon Slayer Magic, Mavis tells everyone about her plan, there are 7 dragons and thus there is a need for 7 Dragon Slayers. Natsu knows what to do as he punches and hurts Motherglare from its shell above, then Natsu shouts as everyone hears him.

He mentions that there are seven dragon slayers with seven dragons here. They can use their magic in order to go and hunt for these dragons. Natsu begins he’s attack on Motherglare. The final and seventh member is Cobra with the help of Doranbolt, he also heard Natsu’s voice. Fairy Tail 193 ends here.

A fantastic episode as the Dragon Slayers finally step up and begin their come back as they plan on using their most precious magic to stop Future Rogue and the Seven Dragons. Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 194, titled “Zirconis’ Magic”, when we see Motherglare release some of her minions when everyone goes wrong.

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