Cosplay Monday: Kabuto Yakushi

Kabuto Yakushi is said to be one of the heart members of Konoha, after quickly being adopted by Orochimaru as his own, he was quickly directed to develop new ways as well as to spy for Orochimaru himself. On top of which he became a well-known and critical character to the whole war as well as the series. This cosplay is also awesome, after seeing how awesome of a job they’ve done on it, it’s fantastic. 

The job that Shipou-Negiru has done is magnificent, due to the fact that she has obtained a live snake during her cosplay as you can see above. I believe that you may like it, that is why she deserves this week’s cosplay. On top of which, if you like their work be sure to go a head and share the page.


What do you think?

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