The Captains and Shopkeeper – Urahara Kisuke

Kisuke Urahara The Captain and the Shop Keeper by metaldbn

Kisuke Urahara, one of the most mysterious characters within the Bleach series whereby Urahara, described by the fan art above, went from being a Captain of one of the Gotei 13 Squads to dwindling down to being a shopkeeper. It may seem like he went down hill, however it probably did at first, but this gave Urahara the chance to appear dead and work on whatever he wanted, this included researching on what he couldn’t previously as well as watching over Isshin and Masaki. 

The magnificent artwork above was done by MetalDBN who did this image on paper, as well as using only three noticeable colours, black, green/teal and yellow. If you like their work, be sure to go check out their work otherwise make sure you spread the word about this image.

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