Naruto’s Clones! Plan To Save Sasuke – Naruto 684

Naruto 684 gets underway to which Naruto pops out hundreds of his clones allowing him to use them to bash onto Kaguya all at once, this in turn allows for Obito to use Kaguya’s exit to allow him to transport himself to a different dimension. This in turn allows for them to trick Kaguya into thinking that she killed Naruto however it seemed that she hadn’t. The plan to save Sasuke has begun. 

Naruto 684 begins as Sakura wonders how Obito has changed, from being someone who wanted to live to someone who has now changed and plans on dying. Obito tells them to touch his body, as soon as she opens up a portal, he will also jump into that dimension. Naruto mentions that it seems as though she’s figured them out.

Obito mentions that even if she has, they will need to take into account that she will be able to sense them. She quickly dives onto where Naruto is to which Naruto talks to himself mentioning that he needs not to use any large technique as she will just absorb it, that is why the best strategy is to go ahead and work with a diversion and then a taijutsu. What he needs to do is corner her and then get Sasuke back, as he can clearly feel his chakra.

Kaguya mentions that this is her domain, there is nothing they can do. Kokuo tells Naruto that they will push his chakra up to boiling point all at once and give him unrivaled physical strength. They to do this to which it breaks the ice as well as to match Kaguya’s strength. Kurama tells Naruto that he’s refined his chakra to which he then pops down his Shadow Clone Jutsu!

Kaguya is faced with hundreds of Naruto’s to which they all go towards her, however some get through and quickly begin their attack, first attacking her arm, to leg, and the other arm and the final leg. Naruto pulls his Dimension-Filling Combo to which she knows she cannot handle them all. She opens up a portal to which Obito gets ready to transport himself. Naruto also gets into it.

They land in a sandy place where Zetsu mentions that he came in as well, to which he believes it to be impossible. He also mentions that a couple of others joined them too, their chakra seems to have vanished, to which they could have had their chakra sapped out. On top of which his clones has also vanished they mention.

Kaguya and Zetsu talk secret on how Naruto has come all the way into the core dimension, it’s not good for him to be there as it’s directly connected to the other five dimensions. With the sympathetic resonating forces of yin and yang, he will be able to find Sasuke. Naruto who’s been seen by them as weird, they had no idea of what to do with them, now it’s become clear that they must kill him.

Kaguya mentions that they cannot do this as they need to absorb the chakra of those children. Zetsu mentions that when Kaguya transforms the worlds’ dimensions, it uses up an immense amount of chakra, they also need to prepare the chakra we currently have for that time. They go on to mention that they cannot drag this fight, to which it may lead to a bad ending. They cannot let their plans be popped like a bubble.

Kaguya gets ready to which she brings out large bones from her back, Kaguya launches some of these bones to attack Naruto to which it seems that she misses, these are called the Tomogoroshi No Haikotsu, or Suicide Ash Bones. One of which does get to Naruto which causes Naruto, his hands and body to dissolve in mere second.

They go back to the main dimension which seems like it should no longer have any more Naruto’s. However when they go, Obito and Sakura come out mentioning that Naruto had helped him to hide in this dimension. Even if it was just a clone, Naruto helped them out, however now it’s all up to Sakura. Zetsu is shocked to see that many of the Naruto are still alive and well, Kakashi got the confirmation that Obito and Sakura are still alive. Naruto 684 ends here.

A fantastic and crazy chapter leading up to something awesome. Plus it seems that Kaguya has some fantastic and awesome jutsu’s up her sleeve that seems like they won’t be compared to anyone else’s. Can’t wait for next week’s Naruto 685 when we carry on with the story.

There are 4 comments

  1. jasper williams

    You call this an intrestinq chapter….this chapter wasnt what i expected…the only thinq i like about this chapter is daht it proved my theory riqht…kaquya has many dimensions buh theres a particular one daht links all of em…and now we know one flaw about her jutsu…it consumes a lot of chakra….


    1. Sunite

      Ohh interesting, I guess you were, however she only has a few 5/6 dimensions which she can jump from. I guess this is the dimension she needs to be sealed in or else she could possibly jump over to the other.


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