Gun Gale Online – Sword Art Online II 1 (Thoughts)

Sword Art Online II episode 1 has aired, and seeing as it’s going to be another great season with lots of action and new great characters, it’s a great time for me to run through each new episode showing my personal thoughts and possible predictions of what may happen next. So lets begin with episode 1 of Sword Art Online II.

I’d like to first mention that I have not read any of the novels available by the author so I do not know if they are going to be any different from the anime itself. On top of which I’d like to show my thoughts and possibly even go as far as to review the episode with my own thoughts on how the episode was. I won’t be judging the episode out of any number because there is nothing for me to actually judge it off.

World of Gun Gale Online

World of Gun Gale Online


Death GunWe begin the episode with a little incidence that occurs when a top ranking player within the latest Gun Gale Online game seems to have an acute heart failure while another in a bar shoots a gun at a screen. This man who presumably killed the top ranking player calls him Death Gun. Before we go on, I should explain that Gun Gale Online is not like any of the other games we have already encountered, it’s based on the facts that guns, and gun related things will be included within this game. This changes everything as skill and ability are much more valued within this game.

Kirigaya Kazuto and Asuna Yuki

Kirigaya Kazuto and Asuna Yuki

After such event we go ahead to meet the stars of the show, Kirito and Asuna as they both meet up to go to the park and enjoy their time there. It’s really nice to see them two finally hangout, on top of which they’re wearing similar clothes to what their in game characters look like. At the park they talk about their future and what they would like to be, it’s nice to know that Asuna will always be by Kirito while Kirito has dreams to create something that can allow feelings of touch and such within such games, possibly pointing to where the series may go later on.

However four hours earlier Kirito meets up with Kikouka Seijirou who tells him about the Gun Gale Online incident at the start of the episode, we learn that the person who discovered by his landlord to which it was later discovered that he had an acute heart failure. On top of which a second incident occurred showing the same symptoms. Both having an acute heart failure, and the only thing connecting these two were the fact that they were both top players.

Kirito and Kukouka SeijirouKikouka later describes that there was a incidence at a bar whereby a player pointed his gun at the screen, fired a shot and the top player died. While this happened, he revealed his name to be Death Gun, someone was recording this at the time it happened. Kirito begins to try to solve this to which he doesn’t seem to have an idea of how the acute heart failure could have been caused. Kirito tells Kikouka that there is no likely way for this to happen, however Kikouka asks Kirito to log in into Gun Gale Online and somehow try to talk to Death Gun.

Kirito telling Kikouka that if he does, he’s just asking for him to die. To which Kikouka mentions that he seems to only go after high leveled players. Kikouka seems to be getting through to Kirito after he explains a little more about what he wants and that Kirito is his only help within this.

Kirito and AsunaWe return to Asuna and Kirito to which they’re talking about life and how things are working out for them, on top of which how their old reality was and such.  They talk about Aincrad and the good old times they had within the game.

However we quickly move onto the game of Gun Gale Online as a player named Shinon/Sinon tracks down 7 members whereby her job is to eliminate them. She fires and immediately gets a shot on them. They don’t even see it coming, that is how far the shoot is coming away from. The episode ends when she declares her next target.

My first impressions show that this was certainly a good way of introducing what the problem might be and what Kirito will have the face. I welcome back both Kirito and Asuna as well as the latest Sinon, however was a little sad as I didn’t see any other friends of theirs.

The overall concept of going from a world where magic is possible, fighting using swords, to going to somewhere where flight is available and now into shooter games is something I welcome most, I love FPS games and love to see this here.

The concept of a Death Gun is also really nice as it shows Kirito will be facing a life and death situation every time he faces this character. I’ve not read the light novels however from the ending music available in the first episode, it’s not hard to guess what will happen later on. On top of which there seems to be a particular character who might be a friend of Sinon who might be this Death Gun character.

Overall I thought that this was a really good episode, I know we’re going to get more after Kirito does go and join Gun Gale Online as a female-looking character, so it should be good to see this. I’d like to do these kinds of thought posts on Sword Art Online II, so if I do find the time, I will certainly be posting Sword Art Online II 2, titled “Ice Sniper” next week when episodes are available.


There are 3 comments

  1. grayfullbuster622

    i like this second season no offense lol but i like this deathgun guy he seems pretty evil and demonicly cool >:) lets see kirito fight this guy no offense kirito but thumbs up for the death gun dude.


  2. grayfullbuster622

    i like kirito he;s okay but lets seem him match up to par with this masked man called death gun as interesting as the name is i also like villains not only heroes in anime no offense to those totes.


    1. Sunite

      Kirito will definitely fight Death Gun, that can be easily predicted after watching the ending music video. I think Death Gun is some other kid who somehow found a way to hack into the game and do such things. Or someone that has a grudge against those players etc. It should be fun watching these too!


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