Fairy Tail Wins Magic Games! Eclipse Ready – Fairy Tail 189

Fairy Tail 189 (Season 2 Episode 14) has a lot of emotions and feelings dependent on them to which they are most likely to make you happy or even tear you up as Fairy Tail wins with all Five members standing while Lector and Sting reunite with the help of Millianna. On top of which Hisui gets the Eclipse ready to which it will be opened very soon. 

Fairy Tail 189 begins as Laxus and Jura go at each other as Laxus was never known to have this much power to punch Jura back. They attack each other, both being defensive and offensive in their attacks, although Laxus seems to have the upper hand at times with Laxus also pushing back.

Makarov didn’t have an idea that he was this powerful.  Jura seems to be having fun with Laxus as he’s never felt like this in years. Laxus tries to remember what Natsu would say at this time, to which he repeats his line saying that he’s fired up. Natsu also keeps fighting the guards and knights in the castle.

Natsu doesn’t need much help at this point as he can beat them all. Erza and Minerva go at it as Erza gets up mentioning that she beat all of what she loves, including Lucy, Kagura and Millianna. She mentions that she is angry. Erza keeps on being pushed back her Spatial Magic.

However Erza pushes Minerva back with one attack and then does it again. However Erza mentions that she will protect when she releases her Second origins! She begins to power up to release her Nakagami Armor! Gray and Juvia keep on fighting together however Lyon and Cheria seem to have the upper hand.

Gray realises that she is helping him by using her Healing Magic, Gray notices that their problem is their weakness to which seconds later they hold hands and begin their attack. Laxus also begins to push Jura back, to which he uses a technique which completely pushes Jura over as he is defeated!

Gray and Juvia then begin their attack as they use a combination of ice and water to attack back. Cheria is confused by the image they see and Water Nebula and Ice Geyser defeats them quickly. Both Juvia and Gray have great teamwork. Both Jura and Lyon are defeated to which Fairy Tail gain the first spot.

Erza begins her attack as Minerva’s attack are no longer affected by Erza as her armor uses a great amount of energy to which it nulls the magic shed on it, it’s able to be used as a flawless blade. She had armed the people she loved to which Minerva is quickly targeted by Erza as Minerva is quickly defeated.

Sting is the only one left at this point, to which he hears people cheering while Fairy Tail have nearly won. It’s mentioned that if Sting beats up all of the remaining Fairy Tail members that he can still win the battle. This was his plan from the start. Sting launches a flare for all members to go to him.

To which they do and quickly discovered that they are all quite injured. They reach there to which Sting acts all smug mentioning that he’s going to crush all of them. To which he will then be able to prove to Lector that he is indeed powerful. On top of which he powers up to notice that all of the Fairy Tail members look strong however as they stand, they can go down at any moment, they’re all worn out.

As he look upon them, he doesn’t know what to do, he begins to walk and try to defeat them however he begins to get stressed and nervous to which he falls to the ground crying. He doesn’t know what to do, he wants to prove himself as strong, he gives up. Fairy Tail receives it’s last point to which they all cheer as the games to a close!

Erza asks why he didn’t come after them, to which he mentions that he had a feeling that he couldn’t meet him. He couldn’t understand it himself. They look so radiant that he couldn’t Millianna arrives to which she brought Lector with her, they both run at each other crying and smiling! They’ve finally reunited!

We go to the castle whereby Arcadios runs into the princesses room whereby she is not there. She goes onto the underground with Darton to which she mentions that her contact was correct and that Eclipse 2, the plan to use it as a cannon will go on ahead. Natsu and the others will go ahead and fight until they’re all out. Fairy Tail 189 ends here.

A crazy and emotional anime episode. On top of which I really liked how it all went down. We still have few things left whereby Eclipse and the thing about the dragons will come to life soon enough. Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 190, titled “The One who Closes the Portal!”, when we see the Eclipse Gate open and see whats in there.

What do you think?

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