Gray vs Silver! Deliora’s Terror – Fairy Tail 391

Fairy tail 391 continues with Gray vs Silver (Deliora) as Silver seems to be trumping Gray at every corner, as well as using his father’s body to throw Gray off, Gray is unable to do anything as Silver can use his counter magic and absorb the attack. The story continues on as the young boy, Gray, seems to also remember his father telling him that he needs to go full-out when attacking.

Fairy Tail 391 begins as Gray is pissed off at which he begins his attack on Silver/Deliora. He attacks however he doesn’t seem to get the hit, to which Silver takes the chance to attack back. However Gray bounces off to which Gray is hit back the second time round. He nearly falls off when he uses a magic type to help him not fall off.

Then uses his Cold Excalibur to which Silvers laughs then bites it, to which he then absorbs it all. He mentions that Ice magic will not work on slayer-type mages. Silver mentions that Ur’s disciples use nothing but ice, and that is why he’s learnt a way to resist its magic.

Keith and Juvia fight and talk, as he mentions that Silver’s power has been recognized by Mard thus he was appointed to the Nine Demon Gates. Juvia asks why a person who defeats demons join a guild with lots of demons. To which Keith mentions that Mard probably went on a whim, or that he would act as a deterrent, still the fact remains that he has been recognized.

Gray is cut in many different places by Silver’s ice to which Silver mentions that this is the face he would like to see, to which he mentions after he kills him he is going after Lyon, then he will end every single precious friend he has.

Gray tells him to stop saying such things to which he then Ice Makes an Ice Impact. To which Silver quickly absorbs it, to which Gray is then blasted with Ice Demon’s Rage! Gray falls to the ground as he remembers his father, telling him to become strong.

Gray stands up mentioning that he promises that he will destroy him with these hands. Silver tells him that Ice is not going to work on him, his chances of winning are 0%. Gray then makes a Cannon with ice to which Silver tells him that he will just absorb it up, however he fails to notice that what he’s launched is rocks.

Gray launches more rocks at them to which Silver then stops it all by covering everything around them with his ice. Gray notices that he can use this ice as he did with the Sun Village. Gray tells him that he can pass this magic through his body and recreate it whatever form he wishes.

Gray  quickly mentions that magic of their own type will not work on them, however there is one rule to that, to which he remembers Natsu telling him that he’s not able to eat his own flames. Gray adds magic and transfers it hat ice to Silver himself, to which it hits him however he mentions that it won’t work on him. Then scares him by mentioning if he’s forgotten the Deliora’s terror! Fairy Tail 391 ends here.

What an awesome chapter, with lots of action from Silver vs Gray, as well as a lead up to what may happen next which is usually a counter attack from Silver. We might even see Deliora’s true form coming up soon. Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 392, titled “I Must Not Forget”.


There are 6 comments

  1. grayfullbuster622

    wow this chapter was goood we saw more action but silver cant be harmed by ice is what i’m afraid of really hopefully gray can defeat him a different way or if nothing else works he might use iced shell and yes i’m aware that if he does he will die But i’m hoping he will find a way to defeat deliora.

    So it seems deliora learned that magic but i’m wondering from where and hopefully gray can kick his assets in thenext chapter if he uses iced shell let him go out with a bang.


  2. mabritish

    yes I think so too. I was kinda angry about the hype which was created around deliora, during that time Ur sacrifice herself. but at the end we never saw deliora in action, atleast now deliora will prove to us why was Ur unable to stop him.

    this is indeed a good chapter. is high timenow for gray to finally surpasses his master.


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