Hashirama and Madara’s Friendship! Clan Wars – Naruto Shippuden 367

Naruto Shippuden 367 shows the relationship both Hashirama and Madara had when they were younger, from first meeting each other to finding out that they’re from separate clans. While this is going on, children were forced to fight for their own clan in order to bring some kind of peace. While Madara and Hashirama discuss a way to form a village where people can live in peace. 

Naruto Shippuden 367 begins in a flowing lake as Madara tries to throw and skip a rock from one of the shore to the other side. Hashirama appears and quickly does it. Madara asks him who he is, to which he says that he is his rival at skipping stone. They don’t reveal their last names for a certain reason.

Madara throws a rock to which it doesn’t even get through, he uses a shuriken throwing style. Hashirama is blamed for Madara’s skills at not being able to reach the other side. While they blame each other and dis each other they talk more and more. However seconds later there is a dead soldier in the lake to which it’s a Hagoromo clan shinobi.

Madara realises that he’s a shinobi. They reveal each others name and go their own way. Their personalities differed however they had something that connected each other. More and more members of the Senju are getting killed, especially as Kawarama, one of their brothers has died.

Hashirama fights his own father in order to explain to him that they should not send such kids to a battle, to which he’s punched and told to rest. He then goes on to explain that this is not what peace it, something needs to be done in order for them to lose less people. Hashirama doesn’t want to lose any of his brothers.

Hashirama speaks out, however Tobirama mentions that he’s lost it and needs to calm down, thus his father tells him to cool off. They all three go somewhere else where they discuss that all this is getting out of hand and that too many of theirs are dying. People must suppress their emotions in a way that it allows for everyone to create a true pact.

During a war, we see Hashirama’s little brother Itama killed by Uchiha to which he was unable to do anything. He is very upset at what has happened. We go to the lake where Hashirama is, he seems upset, Madara arrives, at this points he is crying due to his brother and his death.

Madara asks whats wrong to which he tells him that he’s upset because one of his brothers died, he came to the river to get rid of all the haziness he has in his heart. Madara mentions that he has 4 siblings to which some have died. Madara mentions that they’re shinobi, they need to work out that they fight for their sake and die.

They talk about showing each other their feelings in a way that it begins to help and restore the strength between each other.  Hashirama begins to grow an attachment to Madara by what he begins to say. Madara tells Hashirama that he has a bad hair cut. They begin to fight each other and train.

They begin to have fun more and more to a point that they play and teach each other jutsu’s to work on and fight others with. They begin to talk about getting stronger so their superior see their power and acknowledge it so that others can listen. Madara goes to pee when he notices Hashirama is looking, he can no longer pee.

They met many more times in order to teach each other jutsu’s and train together to improve. They reach the top of a mountain to which they talk about the future. Hashirama mentions that what they see before them he imagines it to be a village whereby everyone will happy and there will be schools and order.

At the top of the mountain Madara mentions that when he was weak, he wasn’t able to protect even his brother, that is why this village will help him. Both of them have one brother each to which they both want to protect them!

They throw a rock at each other at each side of the lake, to which they say that they’ll meet again. Tobirama tells Hashirama that father would like to see him. His father tells him that Tobirama has been watching him and that the boy who he has been meeting is part of the Uchiha clan, to which he would like him to meet with him and follow him to his clan’s base, otherwise he should kill him! Naruto Shippuden 367 ends here.

A great and fantastic episode with lots of stuff that has come up, it’s hard to believe that this is how it all began, especially on Madara’s part as he seems nothing like the one we currently know. Nevertheless, can’t wait for next week’s Naruto Shippuden 368, titled “The Era of Warring States” when we continue with Madara and Hashirama.

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