My Victory – Naruto and Sasuke

Naruto and Sasuke Victory by AtrikaDid you see this coming, Sasuke looking up with pride and confidence while Naruto lays down with his eyes closed. After a hearty battle between both Naruto and Sasuke, in a gladiator like battle, it seems that Sasuke has clearly won. His experience with swords is obviously dominant to Naruto’s. Can this relate to what will really happen when Naruto and Sasuke really do fight, or is that fight over and will never to be seen?

The awesome artwork of Naruto and Sasuke in a gladiator like artwork was done by Atrika, if you like their work you should definitely go and check their other artwork out. She seems to be a great fan of Naruto the show, so you should go and view her other fan art out. If you like this work, please do share it wherever you can.

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