The Red Demon – Madara Uchiha

Uchiha Madara by DantecybermanMadara Uchiha, as I describe him, a Red Demon has come back to life after Kabuto used his Edo Tensei. From the moment he arrived, he quickly caused a lot of chaos especially for the Kage’s. From beating them down to facing the Edo Tensei version of Hashirama Senju which has just come through. His real plans are mentioned to which he’d like to take Obito’s place and rule with his Infinite Tsukuyomi. However he hasn’t really taken any steps, which just prolongs on how he’s going to step up, I think he’s going to do so very soon!

The awesome artwork above was done by DanteCyberMan who has also added Susanoo to the image above, viewed below. If you like their work, go check their other work out. They have some really awesome and realistic looking artwork which I really like. If you like the work here, please be sure to share the page to others.

Uchiha Madara Susanoo by Dantecyberman

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