Nine Demon Gate Ready! Laxus vs Tempesta – Fairy Tail 357


Fairy Tail 357 introduces to all the members of Tartaros’ Nine Demon Gate, Silver, Kyoka, Jackal, Tempesta, Franmalth, Torafusa, Ezel, Seira and Ki-su. They are all ready to go and bring down humanity, at the same time they agree to serve Zeref and kills all of mankind. Tempesta approaches Yajima’s in his 8 Island Restaurant to which he takes it all apart, he mentions that he’s there to kill him. Freed, Evergreen and Bickslow who are helping him all try to protect him but Tempesta’s powers neutralise them. Laxus shows up and stops the battle, to which he then seems to be going against Tempesta!

Fairy Tail 357 begins as Franmalth, “The Armored Shell”, mentions that Jackal is getting all the fun, then mentions what the 9 Council members are worth. Torafusa, “The Darkness”, mentions that he should stop his laughing. Ezel, “The Doujigiri” (Sword), mentions that they can do whatever they want, then asks Kyoka that he wants to go next to kill some humans. Seira, “Ryougetsuten”, mentions that stories have a proper sequence and that they should follow it properly.

Kyoka, “Reiseiten”, tells him not to rush as he’s got his own assignment, while Ezel mentions that he’s body is waiting for a fight. Ki-su, “Black Monk”, mentions that he needs to calm down and pray, then the blessings from the underworld will arrive to which hell will begin. Silver, “Absolute Zero” is just there watching. They mention that everything is for their master Zeref, the power of demons will descend and kill all of mankind.

In 8 Island Restaurant, Freed, Bickslow and Evergreen are helping Yajima with his restaurant. Yajima hears that the 9 Council members will killed, 119 others are dead and wounded. Bickslow mentions that it’s a good thing he’s not in the council anymore. Evergreen walks in in her minidress, to which she mentions that even if there are small number of people, they should do their jobs properly.

Evergreen then mentions that all their complaining about hard jobs, they’ve taken it to themselves to do this job because it’s easy plus Freed, Bickslow and Evergreen can all cook, arrange and serve. A man walks in Freed notices something bad. This man quickly spins and creates a massive tornado type attack which blows everything away. He goes to attack Yajima to which Bickslow and Freed block.

However they’re hit and spin out of there. Presuming this man is Tempesta, relating to Shakespeare’s Tempest, about a tornado. This man is able to create tornadoes and such. He gets Yajima in a attack, to which Evergreen tries to attack but Tempesta’s attack quickly blows Evergreen away! Yajima asks who he is, he mentions that he has no name, however he’s from the Nine Demon Gates, humans can call him Calamity. Freed and the others cannot get up from that attack.

He mentions that the Gates of Hell have opened and that judgement is upon them, he holds Yajima in the neck and quickly begins to tighten, it’s mentioned that they’re also targeting former council members. Calamity/Tempesta mentions for him to fall to hell, to which a spark of lightning hits Tempesta’s hand and stops the attack, the lightning than hits Tempesta to which he falls down. Laxus mentions that he’s there to kick his ass! Fairy Tail 357 ends here.

What an awesome chapter, Laxus is definitely back to kick some ass. Let’s see what a very strong person from Fairy Tail can do against a member of Nine Demon Gates. If he cannot beat him, we’ll know that he’s definitely powerful. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens during next week’s Fairy Tail 358!

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