Uryu Ishida is Juha Bach’s Successor! – Bleach 543


Bleach 543 makes Uryu Ishida the successor of Juha Bach! It’s mentioned that he’s the only Quincy left. He will need to go through a lot of processes to which he will learn how to be his successor. Many of the Quincies Stern Ritter’s are unhappy as they wanted Hashwalth to be their successor.

Bleach 543 begins as Juha Bach gets upon the stage to talk to all his Vandenreich as well as his Stern Ritter about something important. He brings someone on stage,  we clearly see that Uryu Ishida is with Juha Bach on stage, he wears the full white Quincy clad cloths. Everyone notices this, they asked themselves who that man is with Juha Bach! It’s as though he shouldn’t be there. Juha Bach introduces Uryu Ishida to them as the last Quincy alive in this world!

Juha Bach tells everyone that he nominates him as his successor! Everyone is terribly shocked at this fact  and that they don’t even know this person. They mentions that this man is not even known to them and he’s quickly named their successor! He  is stopped by Hashwalth himself as though he shouldn’t make any judgements at this point.

Juha Bach mentions that in the upcoming fights, they will all be able to see for themselves his true power. He ends the meeting there and then. A few of the Stern Ritter after words talk about what just happened, they don’t get what is happening, they don’t even know who he is.

We’re introduced to Stern Ritter S, Mask De Masculine. Stern Ritter K, BG9. Stern Ritter I, Cang Du and Stern Ritter H, Bazz-B. Mask De Masculine mentions asks if someone should explain. BG9 answers that only his Majesty can explain this. Bazz-B cannot seem to understand what is happening and that he cannot accept this.

He goes off, Mask De Masculine asks where he’s going, Bazz-B mentions that he’s going to his Majesties as he cannot keep quiet about this, Mask De Masculine tells him to stop as they won’t be able to forgive him for what he’ll do. Haschwalth approaches him, Stern Ritter B, Jugram Haschwalth.

Jugram Haschwalth asks where he’s going, he replies with another question, asking him where he’s just about to go. Bazz-B mentions that he was sure that Haschwalth would be Juha Bach’s successor. Most of the Stern Ritter would not have had a problem with this, he then asks if he feels anything about what has just happened.

Haschwalth mentions that what has happened is Juha’s decision, he cannot change his mind, Bazz-B calls him a coward for this. He then gets ready shouting that he should just leave that seat to him, if it doesn’t bother him then he should get his chance to sit on it too. Bazz-B is told to calm down, he mentions that he’s perfectly calm, even more than Haschwalth.

Out of nowhere appears a portal life thing where a person comes through. He starts his words by mentioning that they’re both calm. We’re introduced to Stern Ritter D, Askin Nakk Le Vaar. Bazz-B asks what he’s there for. Nakk Le Var mentions that he’s there to help him as they have people who are spying on them.

Nakk Le Var mentions that they should stop this fighting, as nothing will come out of it, he looks towards Haschwalth and tells him that nothing come out of it except poison, he emphasises on this. He asks if he understands, then labels Haschwalth as his next emperor.

We go to where Uryu Ishida is, we see Ishida drink something,  Juha mentions that when he drinks that, the ceremony will be over, his power will awaken soon, he will then give him the Schrift (Literally meaning Sacred Scripts), from that he will be able to bear the name and the letter A, just like him! Bleach 543 ends here.

What a crazy episode, things are already beginning and it seems that people are beginning to hate Uryu! It also seems that he may not have his full power as of yet and that after he drinks that he will be able to unlock it, hopefully we’ll see this sooner than later. Can’t wait for next week’s Bleach 544!

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  1. Jugram Haschwalth For King!? – Bleach 543 (Thoughts) | Daily Anime Art

    […] Bleach 543 has just been released and a lot has happened! What was firstly predicted was nothing more than false, Uryu Ishida will not be fighting by Juha Bach’s side! In fact his mission, or rather his destiny is to become Stern Ritter A! Juha Bach got on a podium in which he told all of his Vandenreich and Stern Ritter army that Uryu Ishida is the last Quincy, and that he will replace him as the next king, he is his successor. […]


  2. janoosen

    I like how both Uryuu and Ichigo are powering up. It feels like Tite is setting them up to have an all-out battle eventually, seeing as they’re essentially enemies now being on opposite sides and all.

    I have a feeling that at least someone in the Vandenreich or Stern Ritters will either openly oppose Uryuu as Juha’s successor or try to assassinate him. Which won’t end well. I’m surprised at how well Jugram is taking it though, I thought he’d be a lot more pissed. Maybe he just has a very good poker face.

    The chapter felt ridiculously short but it was good.


    1. Sunite

      I felt the exact same thing. When Ichigo and Uryu met, they might have fought but only on a small scale, however this is now going to be two powerful guys who will go head to head. They will both fight with their TRUE powers. Uryu will definitely have to show them his power, or else, like you mentioned, he will get assassinated…
      It was 17 pages, a friend pointed it out to me, usually it should be 21 or 22.


  3. Bhungane69

    ichigo vs ishida… You know what that means????
    Kenpachi vs juha”yamamoto bankai and all” ….
    Plz let it be like that…


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