Madara’s Rinne Tensei! Obito’s Body Blackens – Naruto 636


Naruto 636 gets even interesting with Obito vs Kakashi to carry on to something that both of them are severely injured, they repeat their past during their training when Kakashi wins over him. Obito removes himself from the dimension to go to where Madara is, he mentions that he no longer needs him, however he does need to perform his Rinne Tensei, which he seems to have activated while Obito’s half turns black as though he’s being consumed.

Naruto 636 begins as Obito and Kakashi both strike each other in their body, Kakashi mentions that they shouldn’t carry this on, he’s tired of it already. What is currently happening is their using their Genjutsu to fight each other, therefore the real them aren’t being attacked. Kakashi raises his harm and does the shinobi sign, he has no intention of making this last any longer.

All that awaits Obito is death, he also raises his arm, Kakashi remembers their childhoods when they were also fighting, they began their sparring session. Firstly Kakashi and Obito strike each other, which is blocked, what is happening in their sparring lesson is being copied here. Obito backs off and enables his grand fireball,  Obito goes forward and their kunai’s strike each other.

Kakashi mentions that the will he had when he was young, Kakashi still posses, he mentions that the only thing left for him is to become Naruto’s shield. It’s mentioned that everyone will become just like Obito, they will go rogue, just like Sasuke and thus according to protocol, they’ll have to eliminate him. Kakashi remembers Naruto mentioning that he’ll definitely bring Sasuke back. Kakashi things that Naruto will never lose his way. Kakashi kicks Obito to push him back, he does something similar to this in the past.

Kakashi won the battle when they were younger, however at this point, Kakashi and Obito both keep on fighting, until now when they strike each other right in the middle of their hearts. Kakashi remembers that the one thing he has to do to protect the old Obito is to kill the current one. Both puke out blood and Kakashi was struck by a black rod, similar to that of Pain.

Kakashi mentions that this is the end of his, after the damage that was done he cannot do anything more. Obito begins to laugh, he mentions that he may have the victory, but he won’t let Kakashi win the war. Obito activates his Kamui in which he transports back into the real world.

We see Madara strike Hashirama’s clone, he mentions that he’s concentrating too much of his power into his main body, his clones are barely fodder. Hashirama goes to mention something when he’s quickly killed. He also notices something unusual. Obito pops out of the Kamui and begins to breathe heavily. Madara mentions that he no longer has any use for him, he wanted to fight Hashirama before becoming a Jinchuuriki but now he has no choice.

Obito’s body begins to change, the side of his which was lent to him becomes darker and darker, as thought it’s changing, a number of different spikes begin to appear. Madara mentions that it’s about time he uses his Rinne Tensei, similar jutsu to Pains. Obito begins to get up, at each moment he thinks of Rin and how much he loved her. He shouts loudly, Everyone in the battlefield hears his cries, Madara is changing him to he’s needs! Naruto 363 ends here.

A great chapter which left a lot for next week, it’s not known whats happening to Obito but could Madara be using Obito’s body to transfer himself into Obito’s body. This exchanging soul to which Madara will be able to be a Jinchuuriki using Obito’s body? This is blowing my mind, can’t wait for next week’s Naruto 637!

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  1. janoosen

    I have mixed feelings about this chapter. Obito was powerful enough to fight on par with Naruto’s kyuubi/bijuu mode and Killer Bee’s hachibi/bijuu mode, and at the same time no less…and he gets done in by Kakashi? If Obito didn’t get plot no jutsu’d then I don’t know what the hell just happened. This didn’t sit well with me. You can really tell Kishi wants to end Naruto already.

    With that said, I’m looking forward to seeing what’s going to happen to to Obito next chapter. I think it’s Madara attempting to control Obito via mokuton and forcefully make him use Rinne Tensei.

    I’m also looking forward to seeing how Minato will react now that he’s been reunited with his long lost pupil who he assumed was dead, but had actually fought in Konoha and was the cause of Kushina and him dying (along with many other shinobi from Konoha). It’s going to be a bittersweet reunion to say the least.


    1. Sunite

      I didn’t think of it in that way, but your right, Kakashi is not as strong as Naruto nor Bee, so why get hit now?
      Oh I thought that Madara was going to take over Obito’s body, but wow on how Madara is controlling Obito! OMG I totally forgot everything about the connection between Minato and Kakashi. WOW! This is going to be some crazy shit! Agreed 😛


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