Bleach 654 Manga Preview (Spoilers)

Fans of Bleach in Japan have received the Bleach 654 manga chapter a little early. After a few weeks of late chapters, this is a good way of informing fans of the latest Bleach chapter. Bleach 654 see’s a robotic Kira, Aizen talking about the chaos that happens above him, and Lille falling to the ground where he encounters his hell.

Bleach 654 begins as Lille scatters throughout all directions as he rains his body parts down. His wings are something like debris and rain down everywhere. Nanao loses her strength in her legs, she sits in the place where she was standing. Shunsui tells Nanao that she has done well.

Shunsui mentions what they should do next, while he begins to walk, he collapses on the ground as he mentions that he’s tired and beat. He might take a little break. Light from Lille falls over Soul Society, his debris rains down from the heavens. Lots of people with Aizen are shocked to see such a thing.

Aizen, while he sits on his chair, mentions that something interesting is happening above him. People notice that something has fallen down from the skies. A strange shiny object or something. Out of nowhere, members of Soul Society are shot through the head.

The beam goes right through them and hits the buildings causing a massive explosion. It seems that Lille gets up and revives himself, he mentions that he’s lost his halo. He’s falling from the heavens and lost his halo, does this mean he’s sinful. He loosens up and twists his neck, further does this and shoots even more beams.

He curses Shunsui for doing what he did now. He couldn’t tolerate him even if he was dead. His Halo has vanished so it could be said that he’s lost his godly powers. Lille mentions that he was trying to protect Soul Society, that is why for this exact reason, he shall trample it into the mud.

Lille begins to amass a large amount of power over his head, he mentions that he shall kill and destroy everything. Everyone’s screeching is causing such a racket. Out of nowhere, a supposedly dead Kira appears. The hole in his chest left by the previous enemy still exists, but he can move his hand, seems like he’s using some sort of machines to work the arm.

Lille asks who Kira is, he replies with a dead man. Kira pulls out Wabisuke and begins attack Lille as he sinks more and more. Kira begins to talk about Lille’s look and how his face and eyes look, the fact that he might be in a terrible condition. Out of nowhere, Lille produces a large attack where Kira is surrounded by it.

Back up in the sky, we see Gerard flung away by an attack when Renji mentions that everyone has lined up to fight against Gerard, but still they can’t even defeat him. Gerard wipes blood away from his face. Gerard mentions that if they manage to defeat him, it’ll be a miracle, he laughs fearlessly. Bleach 654 ends here.

A pretty awesome chapter, and since it’s a little late, this is something good to that I might keep on doing depending on the time that I might have. Anyways, what do you guys think?

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      1. nickdunnaquatic

        Oh wow okay. If that’s the case, does that mean his Intangiblity is gone? That’s what made him an angel in the first place. It is also nice to know that the novel fro. The 13 Blades is canon. Izuru did defeat Sternritter V Shaz Domino The Viability, a day ago during the 2nd Invasion. I guess all those Shinigami souls Mayuri put into Zombie Izuru made him Captain Level.


      1. nickdunnaquatic

        Not only do I want to see these two react to Aizen’s return, but Nelliel as well. She probably already knew Aizen was evil when he let Szayelaporro and Nnoitra cast her and her Fraccion out of Las Nochas.


  1. rahmaru

    so Aizen still in Soul Society??? maybe he would came along to Royal Palace with fulbringers, Zombie Mugurama and Otoribashi, Cyborg Kira, and Ukitake


      1. nickdunnaquatic

        It’s possible they will. But sense Mayuri was able to cure Toshiro and Rangiku from Giselle’s the Zombie, it must mean Kensei and Rojuro are dead. Which sucks so bad. I personally believe Zombie Izuru will be killed by Crane Lille, and he will run into Aizen. I find it funny that they all just left Aizen. Its possible Ginjou and the other Fullbringers will bring Ukitake with them.


    1. nickdunnaquatic

      He technically is. But sense he gave his heart to his grandfather to use his human manifestation technique to make his Bankai invincible for a short period of time. After his grandfather ate his heart, he transformed into a wolf. He can no longer be the 7th Division Captain anymore. In a way, he is dead, in a sense that he cannot fight anymore.


        1. nickdunnaquatic

          I guess. He and Iba were attacking the last of the Wandenreich grunts when everyone was in Mayuri’s lab. But against a strong opponent, I’m not so sure.


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