Minato vs Tobi – Kurama’s Rampages in Konoha – Naruto Shippuden 248

Naruto Shippuden 248 is probably the best episode ever! Kushina tells Naruto more about the past and his birth. Minato fights Tobi (Masked Man) whose plan is to rule the world. While Lord Hiruzen fights to protect Konoha from the Nine-Tails (Kurama).

We start this amazing episode with Kushina crying because she hears Naruto’s voice for the first ever time. Naruto keeps crying while Kushina sees Naruto for the first time. She becomes emotional as she’s never seen him before. Minato also becomes happy since he’s now a father. He thanks Kushina for making him a father.

At this instant moment, the Masked Man, Tobi arrives and kills both Taji and Lady Biwako, who is the wife of the Third Hokage. Tobi arrests Naruto in his right arm while threatening Minato and Kushina, as he wants the Nine-Tails, Kurama.

Naruto is thrown into the air while Tobi puts his kunai up to stab Naruto, while Minato uses Yellow Flash to quickly capture Naruto safely within his hands. At this point, the paper bombs below Naruto ignite pushing Minato to take the cloth of Naruto and separate from Kushina.

Somewhere else, Kushina is being capture by Tobi as Kurama is now being forced out of Kushina so Tobi can control it to cause havoc in Konoha. At this point Kurama is literally pushed out as the seal breaks. Tobi uses his Sharingan to control Kurama before it is fully out. Kurama gets out while Kushina is left in a weakened state.

Tobi commands Kurama to kill Kushina, the Yellow Flash user, Minato arrives quickly and saves Kushina. He then takes her back to where Naruto is safely left. He then prepares as Tobi is left to guide Kurama to the village causing a heap of rampage.

Kurama starts to destroy everything around him as well as killing many of the folks living in the village. All the young students, including Kakashi and Guy are ordered to take pupils within the village to safety as the Third Hokage is left with the job of taking care of the village and Kurama while Minato fights Tobi.

As they both transport to a different location, Minato notices that Tobi has the ability to make his body impervious to any attack as his body acts like a gas even if it has a physical solid-looking form.

Therefore making Minato attack different, by throwing one of his special kunai’s, while creating a Rasengan on the other hand, he quickly uses Yellow Flash, to transport himself above Tobi and pushing the Rasengan on his back. This breaks Tobi’s left hand.

At this point, Minato marks Tobi with one of his many seals which releases Kurama from his form. With this, Kurama no longer belongs to Tobi. At this point, Kurama’s eyes changes back to normal. At this point, this amazing episode ends. Naruto Shippuden 249 is going to be the end of this as both Kushina and Minato will sacrifice themselves for the sake of giving Naruto a better life, as they predict he is the Child of the Prophecy.

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  1. @CodeName_Joker

    Ive seen this one i can honstly say it was the best ive seen yet. well second the best so far is when Naruto fight Pain now that a good fight. Plus i like how the Yellow Flash Does the thing when he throws the special kunai and teleports and gits Tobi with the Rasengan To Sick 🙂


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