Naruto, Here We Come – Sasuke Follows – Naruto 573

Naruto 573, WAT! was my reaction when I finished reading today’s Naruto 573 chapter! Naruto’s friends run as fast as they can to reach and help Naruto within his fight. Each friend says a little about Naruto and their relationship.

We start this exhilarating chapter as Naruto mocks Tobi for now knowing the names of the Nine beasts. He also tells him that he wont tell them to you. At this point, Naruto seems to be very confident about what he’s achieved, and possibly he could defeat Tobi.

Might Guy sees Naruto all grown up, which makes him feel really old, Kakashi becomes confused since Guy never acts like this. As Kakashi starts to rant, Guy stops him as it might make him even sadder.

As Tobi goes to get his sword type weapon, he notices that there is sweat within his right hand. This surprise could be due to the fact that Tobi underestimates Naruto as he see’s him as a weakling. When Tobi finds out that it was just rain, it makes him happy to find out this proving to himself that Naruto is not pressuring him. “Why would I ever begin to sweat against an opponent like that?!”.

Tobi then mentions that Naruto is just a pawn to be used to stimulate Sasuke, which could be his main plan here. Tobi senses a strange feeling coming off Naruto, even if he knows his limits Naruto keeps going on.

We move onto the HQ, where Inoichi is told to broadcast a message to all pupils within the battlefield to move to where Naruto, Bee, Kakashi and Guy are located. He mentions that Naruto is holding his ground as well as fighting his heart on the front lines. He wants everyone’s powerful feelings coming together.

Hinata: She mentions that she has always been chasing after Naruto, even now. But once the war ends, She is going to stop once and for all. She mentions “Next time, i’ll be next to you, holding your hand, walking with you!”. She finally mentions it properly that she has feeling for Naruto, she’s always had them but now she’s going to do something about it.

Kiba: He has mentioned that Naruto will always be rivals with him. Naruto was marked a long time ago, when they both met, now they are all grown up, they will forever be rivals.

Shino: He’s not much for words, but says that he will fully support Naruto using his Nin-Jutsu, even though he doesn’t have a reason for such a thing.

Shikamaru: He compliments on Naruto doing well, however it wasn’t a shocker for him as he then said he couldn’t imagine him doing anything other than overdoing it.

Choji: He finally accepts the jokes about him being fat, as well as mentioning that Naruto’s stupid. But people change over time, looking at the chapter Choji has really slimmed down. Choji tells “slightly-stupid Naruto” to wait for “slim Choji”.

Ino: She thanks her father for broadcasting the message as well as conveying Naruto’s powerful feelings to everyone, which boosted moral.

Tenten: She worry’s about her sensei Guy as well as Kakashi, as they should both be there protecting Naruto and Bee from any harm.

Sai: He wants the rain to stop so he could send a Choujuu Giga to Naruto to help them. Seeing Lee’s reaction, he finally find out what it means to have friends, he understands it perfectly.

Rock Lee: He is fired up, as he wants to get there to respond to the heroic efforts of Gai and Naruto. He too wants to kick some ass.

Sakura: She runs with the others to where Naruto is located. She thinks about when Naruto saved Konoha. This then makes her think that Naruto is always getting himself into these insurmountable tasks. She wants to fight together with Naruto, probably against Sasuke to bring him back.

Within a different place in the battle field, we see someone else’s footsteps. When we close up, we see that Sasuke is closing up on Naruto’s location. Here Naruto 573 ends. Finally Sasuke is going to Naruto to fight! Cant wait for the next Naruto 574 chapter!

There are 5 comments

  1. SpaZI

    A very different feel from this chapter……. Like some impending Doom is about to strike…….. Notice how Kishimoto refers to “carnage” and a very sadistic look on sasuke….. Im about 80% convinced Sasuke is in the path of the Shinobi forces…. And with the kages busy with Madara, Sasuke’s eternal mangekyo will surely wreck havoc…… Though im sure with the thunder storm conditions, sauke’s chidori would be enough aswell…. 😀
    On the “Tailed beast’s vs Gedo Mazo + Tobi” Front…… I so wanna see Naruto kick Tobi’s igrorant arse!!! 😀


    1. Sunite

      Haha i’d like Naruto to kick Tobi’s arse too lol, although it will be very hard for him to do so since, Tobi is still very powerful! We haven’t even seen half of his jutsus! He’s powerful, so im sure he has many very useful techniques to use!

      Yes I also felt the doom your talking about near the end, although the happy lets go mood they all had was good, Sasuke is really going to also kick some ass!
      The carnage mentioned could mean he’s also gone very powerful!!


  2. dreager1

    Hey Pretty cool blog. I did find that Sasuke looked different in this chapter. I figured it may be that with his new power ups it’s caused him to mature or age 10 years in his mind or something. In that panel he just looks so old and wasted. Next Chapter will be great


    1. Sunite

      Thanks 🙂 Yeh he has definately grown stronger! Maybe even learned a few new techniques or two…. hahah I think it could be the rain or just the artists kinda of messed up or something lol


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