The Thousand-Year Blood War – Bleach 480

Final Arc The Thousand-Year Blood War

Bleach’s Final Arc Begins! The Thousand-Year Blood War begins with a smash, bang and pop. 3rd Seat of the 12th Division, Akon reports in on the disappearances of Hollows in the Human World. Mayuri proclaims it can only be the work of “them”. New recruit Yuki Ryunosuke and Shino are told to go to Karakura Town as they are going to replace Zennosuke Kurumadani as the guardians of the area around Karakura Town.

We begin at Mayuri’s 12th Division base, as multiple number of Hollows within the Human World are killed off very quickly one by one. 3rd Seat Akon comes to report this message. The large number of Hollows dying could cause the barrier between Soul Society and the Material World to disappear.

Captain Mayuri knows clearly who is to blame for this, he mentions that these people have the capability of removing hollows from existence itself. To me this seems to be more then one person since Mayuri mentions ‘party’. Hopefully we’ll get some amazing new characters as this final arc continues.

We truly start Bleach 480 with a brand new character called Yuki Ryunosuke, he is sleeping at this point, as he wants able to go to sleep at the correct time due to the fact that he was nervous the night before causing him to lose time on sleep.

At the market, we meet a brand new character called Shino, she is very similar to Hiyori from Vizards. She has a habit of hitting Yuki as she could likes to get Yuki’s attention. Shino reminds Yuki about the mission they both have that afternoon. Yuki asks Shino if she’s scared, the reason being the Hollow appearance rate in Karakura town being high. Shino shouts at Yuki to man up by what he’s saying.

At this point, we notice a dark mysterious character at Karakura town, we can’t see him properly, but we can mention that he will play a large part within this Final Arc.

All three, Shino, Kurumadani and Yuki arrive at Karakura town to transport them to this point. Kurumadani then just goes back to Soul Society to do his job. At this point both Shino and Yuki are alone there.

Shino suggests that they should both split up, Shino goes North and Yuki to go South. Yuki admits that he is scared while Shino just wants to get on with it, she becomes serious and goes. Yuki hears a noise and notices it’s a large Hollow. The Hollow attacks and misses, Yuki starts to run away from the scene to hide.

Yuki quickly notices that Shino has already been captured, by 3 large Hollows. At this point, he is in shock, as he tells himself he has to go and save Shino. As the other Hollow appears from the back, he doesn’t notices it. He is struck by the hand of the Hollow and nearly dies.

Yuki notices that Shino’s hand and body isn’t moving, neither is her body. He then realizes that a hollow like that could do such damage by only one hit. Yuki then considers his live as he see’s all the blood in front of him. He isn’t prepared to die as he hasn’t yet saved Shino.

At this point, an attack is fired by your local super hero, Ichigo fires a very powerful shot which kills the Hollows which where there. Yuki asks who his savior is, he replies with “Ichigo Kurosaki, Shinigami Representative”. In the back, we see one suspicious character which is behind a building watching everything is that going on. This character could be the mysterious character which appeared before in this chapter.

That was one amazing chapter. This is the beginning of the End. This Final Arc, The Thousand Year Blood War, will certainly be the best Arc from this every other Bleach Arc. We’ll have a fantastic time reading Bleach 481, and I’m sure you will too!

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