Ichigo vs Tsukishima – Bleach 359

Ichigo has gone crazy for a while now. In Bleach 359, Ichigo finally gets his chance to fight Tsukishima, but then his best friends, Chad and Orihime appear with confused faces while Ichigo is absolutely shocked by Orihime healing Tsukishima.

We start the episode with Ichigo and Ginjo running away to the hideout. They find out that Yukio is also there, but not to fight. Ginjo asks him how he was able to find them, his explanation was that he had left a type of tracer on Ginjo which allows Yukio to track them.

They are lead to Tsukishima house. They found out that all his friends are there, this includes: Yuzu, Karin, Tatsuki, Keigo, Mizuiro and Ikumi. They are all there so they  can help Ichigo get over the incident about the punch, as well as making Ichigo apologize to Tsukishima for this mistake.

Ichigo becomes angered and runs to find out where Tsukishima is as he wants to kill him for what his done. Ginjo described that Tsukishima can change people’s past memories, which he has done to Ichigo’s friends and family.

Naruto enters a room to find that members of the Xcution are inside, Riruka, Giriko and Jackie all surround him while Tsukishima comes forward. We then see a large enough explosion, Ginjo walks in ready to fight. As Ichigo’s task was to fight Tsukishima, they are able to do so while Ginjo takes Giriko, Jackie and Riruka on.

We see that within this fight, Tsukishima is really surprised to see that Ichigo has been able to quickly gain his Fullbring. He also notices that his Fullbring abilities are way more advanced that he had expected. Ichigo then gets really serious about this match as he wants to kill Tsukishima.

An unexpected attack appears by Chad and Orihime, as they step in the scene. As Tsukishima was previously injured, Inoue quickly heals him with a worried face. Here Chad tries to remind of all the times when Tsukishima was there to help them to conquer and win, during the fight between Aizen and Ichigo or when they went to save Inoue from Hueco Mundo.

Ichigo becomes shocked and looses his concentration, this opportunity allows Tsukishima to get close to him, this makes Ichigo strike his sword and miss. Then Ichigo keeps pushing to kill Tsukishima.

Within the next Bleach 360, Ichigo will have a real tough time while killing Tsukishima as both of his friends Orihime and Chad will be there to stop him, as they have both been taken under Tsukishima’s Fullbring technique. It’s going to be one very emotional yet exciting episode.

There are 2 comments

  1. Linus135

    Not going to lie, if I was Ichigo and heard Chad saying, “beating Aizen” was all possible because of Tsukishima…I would be piisssssed lol 😛

    Can’t wait for the episode where he gets his powers back…another great post, keep it up I love ’em!!! 😀


    1. Sunite

      Hahah I actually felt pissed that Chad said that… I was like.. ICHIGO DO SOMETHING!! Damn…

      Then the episode ended.. which pissed me even more lol

      Yehh i think it’ll be Bleach 361.. caz next episode he’ll fight with Tsukishima, Orihime and Chad… then probably get his powers stolen by Ginjo..


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