Minato and Kushina save Naruto – Naruto Shippuden 249

A week with two fantastic episodes are rare but a treat. Naruto Shippuden 249 was the end of today’s double episode week. Both Minato and Kushina fight for Naruto. Kurama (Nine Tails) escapes and causes even more chaos within Konoha.

If you’ve forgotten about Naruto Shippuden 248, Naruto was born, Tobi come to get Kurama. The Seal breaks and Kurama starts to destroy Konoha. Minato fights Tobi, Naruto is transferred to a safe spot. And Minato breaks the technique Tobi used to control Kurama.

We start the episode with Kurama being set free in Konoha. Kurama starts to pin each and every shinobi down, after Hiruzen summons Monkey King Enma which transforms into Adamantine Staff which allows Hiruzen to push Kurama back outwards of Konoha.

At the same time, Minato is fighting Tobi somewhere outside Konoha. Tobi compliments Minato on how he was wounded aswell as pulling out the Kurama from his control. He then warns that Kurama will eventually be his, as well as ruling the world.

At the same time, Kurama is building up on the Bijuu Dama, however Hiruzen is able to quickly stop Kurama. At this point, Minato summons a frog and tells him to hold down Kurama for a while until Minato is able to transport them somewhere else.

Minato had now gone to get both Naruto and Kushina. Kushina is able to stop chain Kurama stopping him moving. Minato tells Kushina to preserve her chakra until the time when Kushina comes back into existence when Naruto is trying to defeat Kurama, which is now.

Minato wants to use the Eight Signed Seal which will allow Kushina’s and Minato’s chakra inside Naruto so they are able to see Naruto when he has grown up. Minato also tells Kushina that he is going to use the Reaper Death Seal. He also mentions that he will only seal half of the Nine Tails chakra since sealing a power this immense is physically impossible.

The Reaper Death Seal will seal half of the Nine Tails chakra with Minato forever, as for the other half of the Kurama’s chakra will be sealed inside of Naruto using the Eight Signed Seal.

After some moments, Kurama finds an opening and quickly try’s to kill Naruto. At this point, Minato and Kushina both go in front of the attack and are stabbed Kurama’s nail. As these are the last moments they will both have with their son, Kushina start to give Baby Naruto some advice, while Minato just states that it’s the same as nagging Kushina.

The Eight Signed Seal is activated and the story ends there. Kushina apologizes to Naruto for putting such a large burden on Naruto, while Naruto just brushes it off his shoulders as Naruto never held it against Minato and Kushina. He admits he didn’t really know what parental love was as they weren’t around. He now knows that his mother and father gave their lives for him. At this point Kushina and Naruto become emotional and both hug it out.

The episode ends there. Finally Naruto has gained his new form, Chakra Mode! And guess what? It’s going to be awesome since Naruto is going to finally kick some Sasuke ass. Keep the episodes coming, let’s have Naruto Shippuden 250 next week.

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