Naruto’s True Self – Naruto Shippuden 243

This being a late commentary of the latest Naruto Shippuden 234. This episode is the end to the amazingly boring fillers.

So, within this filler-free episode, Naruto finally arrives on the island when a few moments later a large squid appears from know where which attacks the ship. At this instant moment, Killer Bee’s Eight-Tailed Beast appears which punches the squid on its front which scares it off.

After they have reached the place where they will stay, Naruto confidently approaches Killer Bee and personally introduced himself. Naruto demands Killer Bee to help him achieve full control of his Tailed Beast because they are both Jinchuriki’s. Naruto raps a little “Old man, your shades are so hip. And your facial features are so thick, but you’re just so sick. Whee!”.

Killer Bee compliments Naruto on his rap, then Killer Bee respectively starts a greeting with Naruto, so when every time they see each other, they will fist bump each other as a sign of respect. This showing that Killer Bee has acknowledged Naruto as a Jinchuriki and will be willing to help him out.

Naruto angrily asks helps from Motoi who takes Naruto to the Waterfall of Truth. Naruto has to first sit on the middle, in front of the waterfall and close his eyes. When you sit before the waterfall and focus, you are able to enter your subconscious. And the waterfall becomes the mirror that reflects your true self. When Naruto sits down, He is able to see himself coming through the waterfall, this character looks exactly the same as Naruto, but the eyes are blood-red with black background to his eyes.

Dark Naruto asks Naruto a question about the autograph incident, fortunately Naruto has no answer to this question. Instead Naruto asks Dark Naruto who he is. Dark Naruto replies with “The real you that exists deep inside your heart. I’m the precious hatred inside you.”

Dark Naruto quickly runs and attacks Naruto with a smirk on his face. Both Naruto and Dark Naruto are equally matched and Dark Naruto keeps attacking with the same strength as Naruto. Their jutsu, fighting style, everything is identical therefore resulting in an endless battle.

So the episode ends here, I’m really sorry I talked about this episode a little late due to being a lot busy with other things. However since this is the start of a new chapter, I’m sure the excitement is just started. Hopefully Naruto within Naruto Shippuden 244 will be able to defeat Dark Naruto and complete step one.

What do you think?

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