Naruto’s Bijuu Mode [UPDATE]

After the amazing release of the incredible Bijuu Form, the anime community has gone crazy over how great Naruto’s New Form looks like. Both Anime Fans and Anime Artists have gone crazy over his new form, and even coloring them and posting their version online to show off how well they can draw.

I’ve collected, what I think are the best looking images within just one short day and there is some unbelievable work out there. If I find any other incredible image, I’ll be sure to add them to collection!

The Bijuu Mode was featured within Naruto Chapter 571, you can read about the episode here or look at the Naruto’s Bijuu Mode post here. Be such to tell me which version of Naruto’s Bijuu you find the best, as well as recommend me to add any other amazing Bijuu Mode’s you guys have found.

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