Bleach: WE DO knot ALWAYS LOVE YOU Novel Sketches

You may already know that Bleach will be releasing it’s novel, Bleach: WE DO knot ALWAYS LOVE YOU, was released on the 27th of December. Along with the novel, a lot of different sketches were released accompanying it. Artwork based on Kubo Tite and Makoto Matsubara. They can be viewed below.

From Rukia obtaining her robe from Shusui to Ichigo and Orihime dressing up for the wedding. These sketches definitely have it all. It even seems as though Byakuya himself is delivering Rukia to Renji during the wedding process, or so it seems. Definitely looks awesome seeing all of them like this, especially 10 years later.

Anyways, what do you think? Go ahead and comment down below telling us all what you think. Be sure to share this page with other fans of Bleach and the released novels.

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  1. nickdunnaquatic

    The art is very nice. Seeing Shunsui give Rukia the 13th Captain hayori, Renji and Rukia dressed for their weeding, seeing them tell the other lieutenants about their engagement, Yoruichi peaking through Izuru’s new body, we now see furry spirits like Sajin with Iba. I also like seeing Lisa as a captain with Nanao Momo. My favorite sketches are Ichigo and Orihime dressed for Rukia and Renji’s weeding. I also think Orihime speaking with Riruka on the phone is maybe inviting her to the weeding. Chad’s new hairstyle is interesting.

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      1. nickdunnaquatic

        You sure? I honestly can’t think who else it would be. Ya, I like Riruka, I’ll bet she went to Ichigo and Orihime’s wedding.


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