Attack on Titan 2nd Season Trailer Features More Titans

If you haven’t already heard, Attack on Titan is coming back for a second season, the anime will be appearing in our screens Spring 2017 with a bunch of other amazing animes. Recently, Funimation along with other streaming providers released the official promotional video in Japanese with English subtitles.

If you are based in the US and Funimation functions normally, then the video below should work for you, otherwise below that there is a separate video with the same content.

The video below was released by Pony Canyon, it is the same video as above but has no English subs. The video is also region locked and won’t be available to the US, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico or South Korea. I was able to view the video below, and I’m in the UK, so it works for me.

With the manga being turned into anime, especially the second season. I am expecting it to be even more awesome as it covers an even larger range of awesome things and fights that appear. If you’ve read ahead then you would know. If you haven’t then you’ll definitely get something from this anime.

As already mentioned, the anime will premiere in April/Spring 2017 in Japan on MBS and Tokyo MX. Funimation already has the licences for the anime, so you’ll be able to watch it there too.

If you’re already hyped for the return, what are you most looking forward to when we get Attack on Titan Season 2? I personally can’t wait for the upcoming battles, they’ll be awesome.

Source: ANN

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        1. Sunite

          Yeah, the first season only scratched a fraction (I think) so they have a lot to get through. And yeah, I’ve read through to like 60 or 70, not sure. I even heard a rumour to how it all began, not sure if it’s been covered in the Manga or not.


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