Boruto’s Mission! Kage Troubled – Boruto 8

Boruto 8 covers the Kage’s fighting against Momoshiki as he takes out most of them with a few single hits, but Naruto steps up and uses Kurama’s powers to call up the his Kurama Mode to fight against Momoshiki. Sasuke nearly faces certain death but Naruto helps out. Naruto is also given Sasuke’s Susanoo to fight against the form Momoshiki comes up with. Boruto faces a challenge when the others are in trouble.

Boruto 8 focuses:

  • Momoshiki transforms and releases his attack which covers everything. He attacks and quickly defeats Darui. Gaara tries to help but also gets smashed down relatively quickly.
  • Chojuro gets struck next, Kurotsuchi tries to attack but gets knocked out too. Sasuke and Naruto arrive to battle Momoshiki.
  • Naruto and Sasuke can clearly see that Momoshiki is completely different then before. Momoshiki attacks, Naruto defends, he’s forced to go into his Bijuu Mode which shakes up Momoshiki.
  • He gets hit in the face allowing Sasuke to attack from the back. Momoshiki unleashes his Inukai Takeru No Mikoto, it captures Sasuke but Naruto uses his Kurama Mode to cut the heads of the snakes.
  • Momoshiki notices that he’s finally come to play, Sasuke gets help from Naruto. Momoshiki summons his own large creature then attacks back. Kurama faces trouble here but gets some help from Sasuke and his Susanoo.
  • Momoshiki notices this as his creature begins to disintegrate. Kurama/Susanoo mode gets a sword and attacks, he cuts through Momoshiki’s attack. Boruto finds this to be awesome as they were able to push Momoshiki back.
  • The other Kage’s get back up and return. Out of nowhere, Katasuke appears and tries to attack Momoshiki, unfortunately, it gives Momoshiki the opportunity to absorb their attack.
  • Momoshiki gets up and uses Nara clans shadow ability to stop all from moving. Naruto is attacked to prevent his movement and chakra flow.
  • Boruto watches on, we see that Sasuke already told him that if they win the battle, they will win, but if they face trouble, Boruto will have to act, he will have no other choice. Sasuke believes in him, thus Boruto has got no choice but to fight! Boruto 8 ends here.

A pretty good chapter, I think it seems like it’s differentiating itself from the movie, which is good, but I just hope it turns out similar, and in a way where it can keep on going as monthly/weekly chapters. Anyways, seems like Boruto 9 might be pretty good too.

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