Chino’s Past! Hell Valley – Naruto Shippuden 487

Naruto Shippuden 487 is a little boring, it’s okay in the fact that it reveals a few things from Chino’s past such as that she belonged to the Chinoike clan who were pushed to such a place that they were all killed. Plus everything that Chino shows Sasuke, including her past and everything that’s happened to now is a way of her showing powers.

Naruto Shippuden 487 expands on the whole situation by revealing a lot of secrets that Chino was hiding up until now, especially the fact that she has the powers to cause these exploding bodies and how she has been following Sasuke for this purpose.

I don’t quite think it’s worth covering this chapter because it seemed quite boring, plus the fact that these episodes are becoming a lot more flat, in how the stories are repeating, even if they’re retold in a different way, it’s always the same thing. A person finds their own way through something, becoming evil and wants revenge, and somehow the good guy has to help them somehow.

Nevertheless, Naruto Shippuden 488, titled “Sasuke’s Story: Sunrise, Part 5: The Last One” focuses on the now evil Chino who will probably be defeated by Sasuke and face some sort of loss, or even death.

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  1. dreager1

    That’s the problem with Naruto. It’s the same formula over and over again. Granted, Sasuke’s the main character here so I’ll probably enjoy the episode a little more than usual. The 13-26 episode shows just seem to be a lot more exciting lately.

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