Rescuing Naruto! Loser Boruto – Boruto 6

Boruto 6 sees the continuation of the Naruto and Boruto’s relationship as we see Naruto sacrificing his life in order to help and save everyone within the village and world. Boruto loses Naruto briefly but Sasuke feels his chakra and decides to go towards the source to find Naruto, Hinata is even reminded of Naruto when Boruto wears his headband.

Boruto 6 begins:

  • Naruto shouts to enable Kurama, he tries to create a beast bomb, but realises that it’ll cause an even larger explosion so disables it. Even Sasuke notices this.
  • Naruto realises that he won’t be able to win because he’s taking all the damage, thus he decides to take it all. Boruto begins to recall what Sasuke told him about Naruto and what matters most, which was his past.
  • A bright light appears, and after a while Boruto wakes up. He wakes up to Mitsuki and Sarada who tells him what has happened. Even Hinata is hurt because she tried to prevent them from taking Naruto.
  • We see the damage that was done, but still Naruto was abducted. Boruto runs off as we see the sheer number of people who have gotten injured. He even see’s his own gadget, and throws it away blaming everything on it.
  • Boruto goes to Naruto’s office to see everything he was doing, he even remembers that Minato was his grandpa, to which he was also a Hokage.
  • Boruto doesn’t even want Naruto to become a Hokage, this being so that he can spend more time with him. Boruto wears Naruto’s old jumper, he even looks at himself and mentions that he’s a loser.
  • Sasuke shows up, he reminds him that Boruto seems to have it better then Naruto as he didn’t even have parent’s but still has Hinata and Himawari left. Boruto asks what Naruto would do at this point in time.
  • Sasuke mentions that he’s becoming less of a loser by asking that question, thus Sasuke mentions that they shall go ask him themselves. Sasuke even mentions that he is his #1 disciple and thus shall turn out to be much stronger than Naruto.
  • The other Kage’s appear and mention that they shall also help. They go to the roof, Sasuke uses his Sharingan and creates a teleport point. Hinata and others appears, Boruto tells them that he shall protect Naruto and will be back soon! Boruto 6 ends here.

A pretty dope chapter, seems like it’s following the movie quite well, on top of which adding a few things here and there. Nevertheless, it seems like the story is progressing well, can’t wait to see what the next Boruto 7 chapter holds.

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