Fairy Tail 507 Manga Preview (Spoilers)

Fairy Tail 507 is quite interesting, it seems like it’s developing in a really odd way because some really unexplained things happen. If you’d like to know then read on, otherwise spoilers follow on.

Fairy Tail 507 begins as Natsu and Gray recall that Erza must not cry or look weak, and that she is needed at Fairy Tail so that no one cries. Erza tells them to take a good look at what is in front of them, are they an enemy or an ally.

Both recall Makarov telling them that it’s okay to fight sometimes, and that it’s normal if you are honest with them and yourself, but you have to do so in a respectful way, to them and yourself, and not to hate or have a grudge. This is what family is.

Erza hugs both of them, comforting them as the battle between Gray vs Natsu ends, both Juvia and Lucy show up. Juvia tells Gray that she and others are fine. Natsu is also accompanied by Lucy. Wendy asks what the light was earlier, referring to Fairy Law.

Elsewhere, we see August fighting Jellal and members of Oracion Seis. We move to Eileen who shows up to face Erza. She mentions that it has been a while, all while Lucy asks Erza if she knows her, and she says no. Wendy mentions that she looks very similar to Erza. Eileen mentions “I am you, you are me” within the last page. Fairy Tail 507 ends here.

Seems like we’ll get an interesting chapter when it’s properly and fully released. Nevertheless, Fairy Tail 508 will be titled “Pleasure and Pain” which seems like a fully fledged chapter based on Erza and Eileen/Irene. Can’t wait to see what it brings.

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      1. Rocco B

        Good point, could be her future daughter perhaps?. Does Mashima use old assets – characters that were in previous arcs. If so then using the Edolas arc is something.


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