Gildart’s Empyrean! God Serena Defeated – Fairy Tail 496

Fairy Tail 496 see’s Gildarts vs God Serena as both fight each other in order to push Fairy Tail forward to its guild. Gildarts uses Empyrean which brings God Serena’s defeat. Natsu and others push forward as more and more enemy strong opponents appear, all while Fairy Tail allies appear such as Minerva and Rogue.

Fairy Tail 496 begins with Gildarts meeting God Serena. Gildarts first hugs Cana as she guides him to the enemy standing right in front of him. Gildarts cannot feel the human in God Serena, he predicts that he’s properly dead, and that he would have been a formidable mage if he was still alive.

God Serena goes to attack but Gildarts buttheads him that it renders the attack useless. Romeo is currently nervous as he’s just seen the power that the Alvarez Kingdom holds, and the sheer number of people. Wendy mentions that she’s sure that everyone is surely scared deep down. Ajeel appears as he’s faced by Elfman who turns into a sand beast, he’s trapped in a sand pit, when Lisanna appears to help him out.

Jacob fights against Mirajane, but her clothes are mostly torn up that he can see her breasts, he finds it vulgar. Wahl Icht and Neinhart are faced by Rogue and Minerva. They show up with the help of Kinana. They both notice that they’re fighting nothing but corpses. They realise that there should be a puppet master somewhere controlling them. They leave things to Yukino for now.

Natsu goes on to rev everyone up as he shouts for everyone to get back to their guild. Romeo is still nervous, Natsu shouts to fight back against all of them. Gildarts tells God Serena that it’s a real shame that he was unable to fight against him at full power. Gildarts pushes God Serena and enables his attack Empyrean which obliterates God Serena.

Gildarts attack on God Serena enables all members of Fairy Tail and others too to push forward. Even Romeo feels some confidence from the push as he runs ahead. We see Invel notice the progress Fairy Tail has made, it seems that he’ll be the next one to attack as Fairy Tail 496 ends here.

Seems like a decent enough chapter, plus Invel is about to play his hand against Fairy Tail, as Fairy Tail 497, will be titled “The Winter Mage”, it should be pretty good to see Invel use his winter mage abilities.

What do you think?

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