Fairy Tail 496 Manga Preview (Spoilers)

Fairy Tail 496 manga spoilers have been posted online, although the translations aren’t the best, it points to some great match ups in the current battle Fairy Tail faces. If you’d like to know, keep on reading, otherwise stop and you’ll miss out on the spoilers.

Gildarts returns

Fairy Tail 496 focuses on a lot of concepts of the current battle against the Alvarez Kingdom and Spriggan 12. To allow Natsu and everyone else to go ahead and battle through the current kingdom’s warriors, Gildarts tells everyone to go to the guild while leaving God Serena to him.

Lisanna (bird soul) and Elfman (ape soul) meets Ajeel Ramal while Mirajane will now battle against Jacob Lessio. All while Wahl Icht and Bradman fight against Rogue and Minerva from Sabertooth. We then see that another Historia seems to have manifested itself in front of Yukino too.

We quickly see that Gildarts is truly strong as he destroys God Serena with nothing but one blow, using his Empyrean. Natsu and others run through the soldiers destroying them all. They reach an open road where we see Invel standing looking upon them. It’s Invel’s turn to fight against Fairy Tail’s forces. Fairy Tail 496 ends here.

The end statement can be briefly translated to: His ability wrapped in a veil, Invel! The whereabouts of the war’s situation feed his icy stare…

Fairy Tail 497 will be called “Winter Mage” which could point to the type of mage Invel is as he previously showed his power when he froze Mavis. With that in mind, it seems like Fairy Tail will faced with some strong opponents whose abilities have not been previously seen before. Nevertheless, it seems like it’ll be a crazy chapter when we finally get to see it. Translations were provided by the folks at MangaHelpers.

So what do you guys think? Go ahead and tell me what you think using the comment section below.

There are 2 comments

  1. CD

    Well thanks for the heads Up but the story is So Bad, Hiro brings back the Bad Guys and He’s already make them Fight everyone meaning they didn’t Strategized after their Defeat and Gildarts On K.O ing Serena is no Surprt its just Poor Writing.


    1. Sunite

      I understand what you mean and I guess it can seem like it’s going to hell. I kind of agree because we know that no one from Fairy Tail while members of the Alvarez have already died and come back. I would rather see a much darker FT series because it would make it so much better.


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