Kakashi’s Face! S-Rank Mission – Naruto Shippuden 469

Naruto Shippuden 469 see’s Kakashi’s real face as Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura all try to see his true face. This includes all the other squads as they all get together to do this S-Rank mission. Although they aren’t able to do it, we see Kakashi’s face nonetheless. He seems to like getting the kids to get along for a mission such as this.

Naruto Shippuden 469 begins as Sasuke, Naruto and Sakura none have a mission to go on, they are bored. Naruto asks for a S-Rank mission, but Kakashi denies it. Naruto comes up with an idea for an S-Rank mission, this being secret behind Kakashi’s face. Naruto and Sasuke along with Sakura all agree to do the mission. To which they encounter Sakea who appears out of nowhere.

He is a photographer who’s had previous skills with the government. He mentions for them to see Kakashi’s real face, they need to look at the official documents which are kept within the Leaf’s official place where his face will be there. Sukea agrees to help them. That night, they all go and find the file belonging to Kakashi.

They do, but just as they’re going to get the picture, the ANBU show up and capture them. They’re all caught, next day we see Kakashi get all of them along with meeting Sukea as he also worked within the ANBU. Kakashi knows that they really wanted to look at Kakashi’s face. It seems like Sukea currently has a good plan to get him.

He has a camera to get to see his face. Naruto tries to give Kakashi some food, and Sukea uses his camera to take a picture. But Kiba shows up and interrupts the birds around there. Once Sukea gets the images, all they can see if nothing but stuff in front of Kakashi’s face. The other squads show up there, it seems like it’s their turn to try .

They come up with a plan, Hinata approaches Kakashi with a girl who has been drowning. He approaches her, she has a weak pulse, he thinks of taking her to the hospital. He gets to the village as Hinata reports it in. Shino and everyone are ready. Choji appears, he uses his technique to expand, then Shino uses his insects to trap him. Ino tries to use her mind transmission jutsu but fails.

Shikamaru captures him, the girl was Naruto all along. Sukea appears too as he’d like to take a picture. They slowly try to take Kakashi’s mask off but Neji, Rock Lee and Tenten appears and interrupts the whole thing. The shadow trap breaks and Kakashi uses a shadow clone to escape.

It seems like Sukea wont get his scoop. He goes on as he travels to another village. Seems like Kakashi set it all up along with Tenten, Rock Lee and Neji. They disappear too. Sukea moves off as he meets Guy. He notices something fishy as he thinks that he’s seen him somewhere before. Seems like it was nothing but a coincident.

Sukea gets home as he removes his makeup, changes his voices, takes his wig off. It’s revealed that Sukea is none other than Kakashi! We see his real face here as he was putting it all up for his team as well as other to build relationship and get to know each other better. Naruto Shippuden 469 ends here.

A pretty good chapter, seems like this was part of a previous manga chapter shown before, and now is an anime. Next week’s Naruto Shippuden 470, titled “Connecting Thoughts” will feature the canon manga chapters as Kaguya will fight against Naruto and Sasuke, should be awesome.

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