Ichigo’s Bankai! Ichigo vs Yhwach – Bleach 677

Bleach 677 shows Ichigo’s ability to fight against Yhwach all while Yhwach uses his power and the power he obtained from the Soul King in order to see the future and lay traps for Ichigo to step into. While Yhwach explains what he can see in terms of the future, Ichigo is forced to use an even more powerful ability, he releases his Bankai to fight against Yhwach.

Bleach 677 begins as Yhwach is hit by the Gran Rey Cero which was mixed in with his Getsuga Tensho. Yhwach mentions that the power he used suits him very well. However, as Yhwach mentioned below, he is out his of league. Yhwach holds onto the attack and throws it back at Ichigo, it misses him.

Ichigo attacks but Yhwach blocks, he mentions that he can read Ichigo like an open book. Yhwach predicts what Ichigo might be thinking, which is that Yhwach might be underestimating him, which means he won’t be using is true ability, or know the full extent of his Hollow ability.  He needs to seize the opportunity he has now.

Ichigo’s logic was good, but he no longer will be able to do anything as Yhwach powers up and uses the power he gained from the Soul King in order to cover himself with the eyes. Yhwach mentions that his power is truly magnificent, so powerful that he no longer has any room for error. Orihime watches as both Yhwach and Ichigo clash over her.

Ichigo and Yhwach attack one another, out of nowhere Ichigo brings out his second sword, and so does Yhwach. Ichigo steps back after being hit by the sword, he lands on the ground, but Yhwach had already set a trap which sticks through Ichigo’s left foot. Ichigo then jumps up landing onto the wall behind him, but another trap was set which damages his right foot.

Ichigo realises that he’s laced the whole area with traps. Ichigo gets to the ground where Yhwach attacks back. Yhwach mentions that he might think that his power “The Almighty” can see the future. Ichigo mentions that as he can see the future, he put all the traps because he knew he would step onto them.

If this is true, then the next attack, should not attack him. Ichigo tries to go for an attack, but Yhwach had already stepped in and attacks. Seems like the attack didn’t land. Ichigo steps back as he thinks that there is no possible was that Yhwach can see everything, if he could actually see everything, then he wouldn’t have had to block any of his attacks.

There has to be some kind of limit to his ability, he has to find out what it is. Yhwach knows that Ichigo is looking for his blind spot in his abilities. The future can be changed, if he’s capable of growing and maturing during a fight, then the future he saw shifts into a different future. Ichigo holds on to a position as he begins to think, if Ichigo thinks like this then he will truly be defeated.

Ichigo stands still only for a second, out of nowhere black dagger like attacks which previously attacked Ichigo’s feet, attacks Ichigo’s left shoulder. Ichigo falls to the ground after he notices that the attack appeared beneath his feet and pierced through him.Yhwach mentions that Ichigo made one fatal miscalculation, the future as he sees doesn’t now have one single road.

The future diverge from a single point in time like a countless grains of sand scattering in the wind. Each and every individual grain of sand would be considered a possible future, meaning that they are potential possibilities. Yhwach then begins to talk about the subject of “hope”, it is one of things which means that Ichigo shall hope to grow and mature during battle.

But the truth is that changing the future means nothing more than moving from a grain of sand to another. Yhwach mentions that he has the ability to watch over all of them, he can see every single last grain of sand clearly. Ichigo is told to not abandon his hope. Humans thus call them hope due to the fact that it’s jumping between these grains of sand depending on fate and possibility.

Yhwach tells Ichigo not to despair, there is nothing more gut wrenching for a parent than to kill a child who has lost themselves in despair. Ichigo mentions that what of despair, he knows it all too well because up until now, he’s climbed up, kicked in its teeth, surpassed it to make it to this very moment. Ichigo then enables and releases his Bankai! Bleach 677 ends here.

A fantastic chapter, a little bit long in terms of chatting and conversing, which is always awesome, but it’ll be awesome to see any new changes Ichigo might have had to his Bankai as he’s not mixed his Quincy and Hollow abilities. Can’t wait for next week’s Bleach 678, it’ll be awesome.

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  1. nickdunnaquatic

    As powerful as Gran Rey Getsuga is, I wasn’t surprised that Yhwach just tanked it and even caught the thing with his hand. I was more surprised that he had traps set inside his palace. Yhwach isn’t using The Almighty, he is actually fighting with his eyes closed. Which still allows him to see the future. I think Ichigo’s Bankai will heal his injures and even have an enhanced hybrid form.


    1. Sunite

      Im actually questioning the fact that he thinks that they are traps. I think that it is Yhwach’s power which may use some sort of shadow power or something else. Ichigo himself said that something came up from the bottom. Yeah I also think that it will heal him and it’ll be an even more awesome form. I hope that Ichigo gains a second horn to the other side of his head.


  2. Christopher Waters

    This is pretty much what I expected even though Ichigo was using Hollow attacks and Yhwach is a Quincy I still expected him to easily deal with the cero. Its cool to see someone who has some ability to see the future actually using it in a good way most of the time its just not used properly. I don’t expect Ichigo’s Bankai to heal him since up till now no Bankai has worked like that. The arrancars release worked like that but still don’t expect Ichigo to be healed by it. Whatever his Bankai is will be very OP but still I ust don’t see Ichigo winning this fight on his own even with Orihime there who has helped more then I expected he is still going to need help I still think it will come from Aizen and Uryū. I would like to get a cut away next chapter to see whats going on with Aizen Lille and Kira its been awhile since we have seen whats going on with that and Aizen really needs to be addressed. Plus Gerard is still stomping around in his light titan form that as be interested at the moment. Maybe Shinji’s Bankai could do something since his sword is all about reversing directions I could see his Bankai taking that to the next lvl and reversing time or dmg in a way that could take out Gerard or hell maybe Gerard will be the new soul king since he is its heart.


    1. Sunite

      In terms of healing, I’ve not kept track but it seems like powering up somewhat powers up them which may in turn heal them as a byproduct. In terms of Ichigo being OP, definitely agree. And as you said, his Bankai might not defeat a fully powered God, but with help he can do it. I don’t think Uryu will be of any help since he’s already been exhausted by Jugram. But Aizen is a good guess. Isshin and Ryuken are good guesses too.
      I don’t think we’ll get a cut away from the current fight anytime soon, especially to an inferior fight with Kira. I wouldn’t mind seeing Gerard, but again unlikely because he’s kind of been covered.


  3. Christopher Waters

    I just now thought of this but it would bed epic if Ichigos Bankai was something like the GunBlade. It does fit if you think about it Quincy’s being ranged fighters and the Shinigami use swords. I know its not going to be anything like that but it would still be epic if it was


  4. dreager1

    I’m definitely hyped for his new Bankai. The original one was already awesome, but this fusion should be great as well. It definitely feels like we’re gearing up to the finale here. This could be the end of an era. I do want Bleach to reach chapter 700 though so hopefully it takes its time with this fight.


    1. Sunite

      Indeed, I want it to surpass the number of Naruto chapters. Over 700 will be awesome. It feels like i’s coming to a quick end, but I think it’ll take some time. We saw that Ichigo powered up his Bankai multiple times against Aizen, and I think Ichigo will have to do the same thing here. And go through the whole “hope” and get strong thing.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. nickdunnaquatic

        Trust me, Bleach isn’t ending on chapter 700. We still need two flashbacks. One from 1000 years ago or even longer, and one from the Quincy Massacre 200 years ago. We are also only on day 4 of the 9 days until Yhwach fully controls the world.


  5. Ultimate Coordinator

    It’d be epic if Ichigo’s Bankai splits his body into 4 different beings (Shinigami, Quincy, Hollow, Fullbring). And each individual is a master using whatever techniques that particular being is capable of, but can only use those specific fighting moves.


  6. Steve O

    whats up everyone…whats up Nick..long time my friend! this fight is awesome and is only gonna get better but it jus seems 2 be happening 2 early which only further convinces me the ywhach isn’t the final antagonist.


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