Boruto’s Rasengan! Otsutsuki Warriors – Boruto 2

Boruto 2 see’s Boruto forcefully trying to get Sasuke to be his teacher to teach him new techniques. Boruto is told to learn the Rasengan which he does his best to learn, but see’s an easy way out after the scientist gives him a Rasengan machine. Sasuke takes him on. Elsewhere we see Otsutsuki warriors from the Ice dimension appear as they take Killer Bee’s Gyuki power and chakra, Naruto seems to be next.

Let’s summarise Boruto 2 using bullet points, they can be seen below.

  • Sasuke asks Boruto if he can make a Rasengan, Boruto cannot and thus mentions that he shall go to master it.
  • Sasuke and Naruto discuss what had happened at the palace, where Sasuke met two individuals who had had fought against. Naruto mentions that this is much more important compared to the scroll. Smells like trouble is brewing.
  • Naruto goes to Konohamaru to learn Rasengan. He begins with a water balloon, he doesn’t want to do it but he forces upon himself to do it.
  • Sarada watches him from afar as he does this. He spends all day doing it. Then he’s given a rubber ball to try it on there now.
  • He keeps on going it until he is able to create a small Rasengan. Konohamaru is truly shocked.
  • He even shows Sasuke who notices that he’s been training hard, but discourages him a little by the small size of his Rasengan. He throws it but dissipates.
  • He runs away when Sarada shows up as she mentions that Boruto never tries hard with all of this stuff. Sasuke thinks of taking him up as a disciple.
  • Boruto walks in the village when he meets the scientist, he shows him all the new experiments, even goes as far as to show him a machine that produces a Rasengan.
  • He’s given a machine, then goes home. He notices that his clothes are all very dirty, which he then see’s Naruto’s face on the mountain.
  • Next day he shows Sasuke his Rasengan, Sasuke notices the machine which Boruto hides in his arm.
  • Sasuke notices the memories he has of Naruto which matches the exact moment here. Naruto was tries his best then, but Boruto is taking the easy way out.
  • Sasuke then decides that he can be his disciple, later that night they build a fire as they share a story or two together.
  • Boruto asks for Naruto’s weakness, to which Sasuke mentions that Naruto’s weakness is that he is a half-wit, Boruto doesn’t know what he’s talking about.
  • Sasuke mentions that Naruto is full of weaknesses, he was a dunce but he overcame and conquered the powers within him and became the Hokage.
  • What Boruto would want to know isn’t how Naruto is now, but how he was up until now. Boruto doesn’t even know what he means by this.
  • Next day, we see Sarada and Sasuke as Sakura encourages her to do her best, while Sarada mentions that Sakura seems to be happy as Sasuke also seems to be there.
  • Boruto meets with Sarada, seems like Boruto is obsessed with knowing Naruto’s weakness. But before he can even challenge Naruto, he has to pass the chuunin exams.
  • Seems like all three, Boruto, Sarada and Mitsuki are all going to the chuunin exams.
  • Elsewhere we see Gyuki trapped on the side of a mountain as the warriors Sasuke fought in the ice dimension are trying to take him chakra. Gyuki fires a shot towards them but they absorb it and fire it back.
  • Gyuki is defeated along with Killer Bee who is also there. They notice Kurama’s chakra being the strongest of all of the beasts, thus head towards Naruto next.

This see’s Boruto chapter 2 end here. Seems like the chapters are running well, I currently hate the next generation of shinobi’s because of all the tech they’re using, even Boruto is using the tech to fool Sasuke that he can use the Rasengan. It’ll turn on him soon enough, I’m sure it’ll be during the exams. I bet that’s when the Otsutsuki warriors will also show up and force Naruto to act. Can’t wait for next month’s Boruto 3, which I guess will take some time to release but it’s a nice surprise to find that there is something new to read.

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  1. jiraiyan

    I agree with the addition of technology in Boruto, something is lost. However, the series might address the limitations of the technology and it could allow for a different type of enemy.

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    1. Sunite

      I think one of the reason why Naruto is so good is because of all the techniques used etc, like all the forbidden ones as well as ones the shinobi have to work hard towards. What they’re doing now is evolving but also evolving how they fight, for me its ruining the experience. Agreed on the different type of enemy, I believe it’s how the downfall of Leaf will happen.

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  2. dreager1

    I think Sasuke noticed that Boruto cheated though, hence the “I guess you are different from Naruto” as Naruto would never take the easy way out. That being said, I’m just waiting for the series to finish adapting the movie and get on to some new material.


      1. dreager1

        Yes, so far it’s all a complete adaption from the movie. It’s almost word for word, but for some reason the manga is adapting scenes out of order. Maybe it’s to throw off the movie viewers. I still highly recommend the movie by the way, one of the best Naruto titles and I may put it in second right behind film 6. With The Last being 3rd. Sasuke with the Rinnegan and Sharingan is supremely OP now. I dare say he could beat Naruto in a rematch 😉


          1. dreager1

            It should be I think. I saw it subbed when it made it to theaters in NYC a while back, but if not the subbed dvd should be available by now. It’s definitely packed with a lot of action, but if it’s not ready yet, the manga is doing a good job of reliving the events.


        1. josephbhwanah

          Naruto & Sasuke r like yin & yang, either of them can beat the other at given circumstances.they balance each other out..A greedy Sasuke was beaten by Naruto in their final battle, the same could have happen to Naruto if he wasnt on the good side, either of them as the power to stop the other if he falls astray, which makes them equal in that regard while at the same time either of them as the power to take out the other given the right cause, thats how i think of them, even thou i too always thout sasuke was abit OP than Naruto, but naruto possess incredible will, stamina & Spirit, i see these things making up for what else Sasuke has over Naruto


  3. Matthew

    I am looking forward to the next chapter. After reading this one, I did notice how technology is being integrated into this new generation. Personally, I am okay with it but I know what people feeling about it. I also feel comfortable with the previous generation We will have to wait for next month for chapter 3.


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