Ichigo Meets Yhwach! Gerard Grows Stronger – Bleach 672

Bleach 672 see’s Gerard getting his head cut clean off by Byakuya’s Senbonzakura, however he just keeps on regrowing even stronger with no weakness in sight. All while Uryu keeps battling against Jugram even after his powers from Yhwach fade. The sun rises, Yhwach has a nightmare of Ichigo striking him down. Ichigo and Orihime at beyond the room Yhwach is in, she is finally recognised for being someone who fights alongside Ichigo. They go in, Ichigo is greeted.

Bleach 672 begins as Byakuya’s Senbonzakura attacks Gerard’s face, in turn it eats all of it. Gerard’s body begins to crumble like rocks as it begins to fall to the ground. Hitsugaya is tired, he begins to fall to the ground when Byakuya aids him. Toshiro mentions that he’s hanging by a thread. However, out of nowhere, a light shines as Gerard’s body begins to once again regenerate.

Toshiro is shocked at how much damage he’s taken and is still somehow alive. He now seems to be well armoured, along with two spike like things on his back. Elsewhere we see Ichigo, in his old outfit, approach Yhwach, he brings his sword out and attacks Yhwach. Seems like it was all a dream as Yhwach mentions that it was certainly a nightmare.

Uryu and Jugram continue their battle, Jugram’s powers have vanished as Yhwach has woken up, all while Uryu mentions that now he won’t be able to kill him. All while, Jugram mentions that trying to kill him in the night was a mistake, as Yhwach’s power are less combat based, while Jugram’s are suited for such a situation.

Jugram fights out a shot using his blade, not knowing what it is, Uryu has to quickly react. Elsewhere, both Ichigo and Orihime are walking up the stairs.Before entering, Ichigo mentions that 2 against 1 is a little unfair, and so she is in charge of defence. He asks for Orihime not to let him down, all while Orihime has a moment of her own as she dreams about the last few times when she mentions that at last, she is able to fight alongside and protect Ichigo.

Ichigo opens the door, he scouts the room to find a few steps and a chair with the Quincy symbol on it. Sitting in front of him is Yhwach, he has woken up as he asks what had taken him so long. He has been patiently waiting for him, mentioning “my child of darkness”, seems like we’ll be getting a fight between these two really soon. Bleach 672 ends here.

An epic chapter indeed, we got three updates on the story, the fight against Gerard, the fight against Jugram and now Yhwach. He’s woken up and ready for another battle. Can’t wait for the next Bleach 673 chapter, I am sure that it’ll hold a few surprises here and there, honestly I can’t wait!

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  1. thetaicho

    This Gerrard revival is boring me now. I think it is more of his power than personal strength. Why does Ishida look so beat up? Is it that Jugo could see his every move or his schrift “A” has not activated? I mean, he was to develop power greater than Yhwach’s. Ichigo fighting Yhwach…why do I think there is someone else in that room?


    1. Sunite

      Yeah, he could see him coming, and yeah, I don’t think he has been able to activate anything yet. There might be someone behind the big wall behind Yhwach, although you never know, he might be sleeping alone. I still think that Ichigo’s dad is also nearby, following him or trying to get him to do something.


    2. Ultimate Coordinator

      I was hoping Gerard would be dead this chapter, he’s becoming like Lille & Askin. He’s there to slow them down but what’s the point of this constant revival & fighting.


  2. nickdunnaquatic

    Yhwach’s has an unusual foresight. I don’t know why he dreamt of 15 year old Ichigo killing him instead of the current one. Maybe it means something. Especially considering he doesn’t see that as a bad thing. I feel like the only ones that cab defeat Gerard at this point are the Royal Guard. Maybe two of the Divine Generals can fight him. I also believe Lille and Pernida will return and the other two Divine Generals can face them. While Ichibei can either help Ichigo and Orihime or fight Aizen. I find it interesting that Jugram said he is having a harder time fighting Uryu with The Almighty. And it seems both of then are only using their Spirit Weapon, not their Schrift. So maybe Uryu was right that Jugram can’t use The Almighty very well, or Jugram’s Schrift B is more suitable to fight Uryu than The Almighty. I also like that Jugram doesn’t want to make any mistakes against Uryu. Maybe because his Schrift A is something formidable.


      1. nickdunnaquatic

        Ya I know Lille coming back as a threat is highly unlikely, but you never know. I don’t see why Kubo would have let him live if not to return.


  3. dreager1

    I’m definitely glad that Gerard got up personally. He’s been developing into a great villain and honestly he’s more likable and sympathetic than Byakuya, Zaraki, and Hitsugaya at this point. He’s fighting fair against the three of them while they’re trying to win with pure numbers.

    Meanwhile, it’s good to see that Bach’s already starting to feel afraid of Ichigo with those nightmares showing up. A good slash from Ichigo should definitely end this and I’m hoping that Orihime will get a good role assisting as well. Uryu’s fight is easily the least entertaining at the moment though so I’m hoping that the next chapter focuses on the first two plots the most. The end is near for Bleach!


    1. nickdunnaquatic

      Ya…this is definitely not the final battle. From what I can tell from Yhwach’s dream, if he didn’t wake up, Ichigo would have slashed him. Which is why he said the dream was so wonderful that it would be a nightmare because if he didn’t wake up, the dream probably would have came true. If anything, Ichigo and Orihime are probably going to lose. But first we’ll see Uryu vs Jugram.


      1. dreager1

        Definitely, Bach got lucky that Ichigo didn’t hurry it up a little more. A few minutes sooner and he’d be dead right now. I don’t think this is the final battle either, but I do think that this is the end for him and Aizen’s return to fame and glory is about to start. I’d certainly be hyped for that.


        1. nickdunnaquatic

          Fair enough. Personally, I think the minute Aizen shows up, he’ll end up dying. Mainly because I think Yhwach has alot to show us.


  4. Spidey

    Maybe back dreamt of that version of ichigo because of the Bach inside ichigo giving him info on each form of ichigo. Think of it like a symbiotic relationship


  5. bdproductions34

    I don’t know why, but I laughed out loud when Orihime started acting like she is useful, lol.

    I don’t know, maybe Kubo is gonna actually stop using her as a damsel in distress this time. My fingers aren’t crossed, though.

    And I wonder how the heck they’re gonna stop Gerard. He keeps getting stronger the more they hit them, so they need some kinda hax to take him out. Maybe we’ll get a surprise visit from someone.

    Anyway, good review. This was a pretty interesting chapter. Cool to see Ichigo again after a gagillion chapters. His fight with Juha is something I’ve been hyped for, for forever.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Christopher Waters

    Cool chapter but I’d rather see more of Uryu vs Jugram. I doubt those 2 will be able to beat Gerard . Someone else is going to pop up and be the one to beat him. No way this is the last battle. Aizen is still going to play a very important part here shortly I’m not sure he will end up being the “Big Bad” but he is going to be key in how all of this ends.


  7. trinin ninja

    This chapter shows at least some progression within the story: Ichigo confronting yhwach yet once again. I had to look twice to see that the ichigo that yhwach dreamt about was the original ichigo before he even knew about his hollow powers and that the yhwach in the dream did not have mimihagi fused with him. I think the dream was not to be taken literally but instead it was more a symbolical dream considering that yhwach did not have his almighty abilities at the time of his dream. Anyways, I was not really interested in uryu’s fight nor gerard’s fight. I think gerard’s defeat should come in 1 or 2 chapters. Next chapter is definitely going to change scenes away from ichigo and yhwach though. Maybe jugram and uryu’s battle? Or Gerard’s fight?

    P.S. I think Hirako Shinji maybe a key player to Gerard’s defeat. Maybe Shinji can use his bankai to turn back time or something. Also I wouldn’t mind seeing hisagi’s bankai.

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  8. nickdunnaquatic

    I heard an amazing theory about Gerard’s possible weakness on Bleachasylum. They said because Kubo based Gerard off of Nordic and Greek traits, that maybe his Achilles heel is his weakness. Because every time Gerard has come back, his lower body was still intact. Even when he was frozen, his legs were still intact. So maybe that’s a possible weakness. I forsee Ichigo and Orihime being defeated and someone coming to “help” them. Maybe Aizen, then we can finally see Yhwach vs Aizen.

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    1. trinin ninja

      Ooooh. That sounds like a nice theory. If it is true, I’m sure toshiro would figure it out. I would also enjoy seeing aizen fight yhwach.


    2. trinin ninja

      Oooooh. That sounds like a great theory. If it is true, maybe toshiro will figure it out. I would also enjoy seeing aizen vs yhwach.


  9. josephbhwanah

    Wel, this chapter came way early than usual, Gerald not dying wasn’t a surprise, atleast to me given how his power work though i cant help feeling abit disappointed that Zaraki’s new bankai & Toshiro mature bankai werent enough to take him out, especially Toshiro of the 3, since IMO, i think he is the only one who had the power somehow better suited to fight Gerald miracles unlike the others, when he was able to null “Hoffnung” of its ability i was certain that he could do the same with Gerald but again, i couldnt help noticing the same words Gerald used as Lille about being a god, couldnt put a finger on it but i was certain of gerald’s probable comeback, the only thing that made me hold that thought was Toshiro’s ability that enabled him to nullify “Hoffnung” effects..either way, this Gerald miracle thing is really weird, first, Zaraki cuts him in half with his bankai, he comes back having Vollstanding(which we dont know of its capabilities yet), again Byakuya cuts his upper part of the body with Senka, he comes out with another form, does this mean he is getting even more stronger? Or is it that he is indeed defeated & therefore transcends to another form more like how it was with Lille?

    Im really disappointed Uryu Vs Jugram battle was partly off-screened(like seriously Kubo, this is one of the biggest fights & u partly off-screen it?!),mainly coz i was really looking forward to it, It seems Jugram was relying much on the almighty to fight Uryu earlier on(he admits that it isnt better given his style of fighting proving that he was indeed using it as they battled) Uryu seems worked up but i doubt if he has used his shrift yet(which could only mean he battled Jugram with the almighty without using his shrift, that in it self speaks he is insanely powerful) cant wait to see just how powerful Uryu is now & also his shrift as well as Jugram’s

    Im inclined to agree with “Trinin” that Yhwach had a dream & not a vision, i doubt Ichigo’s slash given what we have seen from their previous encounter could do much for him to take note & wake up if it was indeed a vision, besides its like some of you have pointed out, alot of things r off for it to even be considered a vision(the way ichigo appears & his outfits, the way Yhwach appears without mimihagi) i think its a dream & Yhwach found it so amusing coz Ichigo slashed him, & the reason he thought it could almost be a nightmare is if that was even remotely possible, thats y he found the dream to be wonderful, lets not forget he was sleeping at the tym which means he didnt have the almighty, i think its an intuisive dream since as he wakes up, Ichigo shows up shortly after, i think the dream had something to do with their connection(yhwach & Ichigo) other than the almighty which we are eventually about to find out since Yhwach refered to Ichigo has the “child of darkness”. Honestly, it will take more than Ichigo to defeat Yhwach as he is now so i dont think we will be having the final battle just yet, i think it will take a collective effort to defeat yhwach with ichigo being playing the key part to Yhwach’s demise, frankly speaking, i dont think even Aizen & Ichigo will both be enough to defeat Yhwach, i think ichibei & few others will also play part


  10. trinin ninja

    Also, I would like to say here and now that I believe that there is someone else in the room. Perhaps its BG 10 or Robert, the “N”?


  11. Matthew

    This is getting intense. I am now worried on how they are going to kill Gerard. This guy is pretty much invincible now. His power reminds me of the same ability with the Saiyans from Dragonball Z. Every time they almost get killed, they come back stronger than before.


  12. josephbhwanah

    This is the other reason why i hate Kubo for making these quincies this ridicuously powerful, I mean they r not powerful coz they r skilled individuals but bcoz of their hax powers & thats why Kubo has resorted to perfect counters to neutralize them…Gerald’s comeback isnt surprising thou given his miracle power, but one cant help to wonder how exactly he will be taken out..Which brings us to the same old same old counter powers schemes…& how was Nimaiya even able to kill Gerald!? i can understand him killing Lille before opening his second eye but i cant see how he was able to kill off Gerald with Sayafushi unless Sayafushi is somewat special as Ise family sword


    1. nickdunnaquatic

      The popular theory is Gerard didn’t have time to use The Miracle and Oetsu killed him. Pernida was also killed when she was stabbed in the eye. Or maybe Sayafushi really is a “one hit one kill” sword.


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