Boruto’s Journey Begins – Boruto 1

Boruto 1 monthly manga chapter begins, and it jumps to the future and back again. We see Boruto face a strong opponent who destroys the village along with Naruto’s death. We go to the present when Boruto is mad at Naruto for not paying enough attention to him. Sasuke shows up with some information for Naruto about Kaguya, Boruto meets him and asks him to be his disciple.

Boruto 1 is a long chapter, that’s why I’ll be summarising it with bullet points, instead of story telling.

  • Story begins with Boruto vs Kawaki, the leaf village is destroyed. Seems like Naruto is dead when Kawaki mentions that Boruto will be sent to meet him.
  • The age of the Ninja is over, Naruto takes out his head band and wears it, he wears it when he mentions that he’s a ninja.
  • We return to the current when we see Boruto pissed off, we get to know that Naruto is not the main part of this story, he is important but this is Boruto’s story.
  • We see Boruto meet his dad, but he doesn’t get enough attention from him.
  • Mitsuki, Sarada and Boruto go on a mission with their sensei, Konohamaru. To capture a wild panda. They capture it. We even see that Boruto has the famous Shadow Clone Jutsu from Naruto. Sarada even mentions that she wants to become the Hokage.
  • Konohamaru even uses one of his new techniques, similar to Shikamaru’s where he can use shadows to freeze the panda. They are like tiny scrolls that he can trap them in there and use them by releasing the scroll, it doesn’t use chakra.
  • Everything and everyone is peaceful. They are all preparing for the chunin exams. Boruto and his team meets with Naruto, he is pissed off that he almost forgot Himawari’s birthday.
  • We see Katasuke, an inventor who wants to introduce the use of technology into the exams, he wants to do them. But Naruto mentions that he cannot because the exams represent growth, and technology is not something they can do.
  • Boruto a Katasuke talk afterwards, he tries to get him into the exams but saying that his father wants to see how strong he’s gotten.
  • We see Moegi, Chocho, Shikadai and Inojin talk about the exams, they get a letter and thus understand that they need to participate.
  • They go to meet Boruto afterwards to play games. Sarada and Mitsuki appear mentioning that they need to attend the exams to pass. Sarada wants to become Hokage but Boruto doesn’t care.
  • Boruto joins the games after some thinking. They talk about their fathers, Sasuke, Naruto and so on, they ask who Mitsuki’s father is. Before answering, Hinata and Himawari show up.
  • They go home, Naruto is waiting there, with all the food and cake. They get ready to blow out the cake but Naruto’s clone disappears.
  • Boruto gets pissed off mentioning that he’s spending too much time in the office, this is when Hinata mentions that he’s in the right as his putting his family second and village first.
  • Boruto goes into Naruto’s old room, noticing all the old pictures and so. This is when we see the first jacket Naruto had, its worn out and dirty.
  • Boruto throws it out, the door rings, and Boruto goes to open it and punch the first person.
  • He doesn’t know who it is, but Hinata notices that it’s Sasuke, he’s asking for Naruto’s location.
  • He goes to the office, he finds Naruto’s jacket outside his house. Sasuke shows him a scroll and the jacket Boruto threw out.
  • They discuss that Boruto is similar to Sasuke in more ways than one. This is when they talk about the current situation, that they might be getting too old for all of this.
  • Sasuke goes home, someone throws some shuriken, Sasuke jumps out and drops Boruto to the ground.
  • Boruto gets up and asks him to be his disciple, he mentions that there is someone he has to defeat at all cost.

Boruto 1 ends here, seems like a really solid chapter if you ask me. I think it’ll be another month before the next chapter gets released. Nevertheless, can’t wait for the next Boruto 2 chapter! What do you think? Comment down below!

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  1. Hugo

    This chapter was a little good but i notice some bad points :
    Bad points : – Subpar of boruto the movie as for Dragon Ball Super .
    – Drawings for characters
    – Byakugan for Boruto
    – AND Naruto’s death

    Good points : – Hidden scenes
    – Intelligent Writing
    – People dies , tragedy
    – AND a very good entrance for a new villain as KAWAKI .


  2. jiraiyan

    Did you like the art? I didn’t at first, but sometimes I appeared good then bad. I also know that manga artist’s tend to get better over time. Not bad enough to stop reading though.


    1. Sunite

      A lot of the people looked a little different, for example Sasuke, his whole appearance changed, I was a little disappointed to see his hair curly-like and not the straight edged like before. Nevertheless, it’s okay for now, we might just have to get used to it.

      Liked by 1 person

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