Fairy Law! Mavis’ Body – Fairy Tail 274

Fairy Tail 274 covers how Mavis uses the abilities involved in Fairy Law to destroy the Tenrou Jade which freezes Mavis’ body in time all while the both Yuriy and her spend some time in coma’s. On top of which, we end the episode with Yuri telling Mavis that they cannot see Zera, and that she might be an illusion of her own.

Fairy Tail 274 see’s the Blue Skull going crazy, we then go on to see Mavis try to think of a way to fix this, thus she tries to use one of her own illusion magic tries to get the Blue Skull to go towards the large stack of gold, on top of which she climbs on top of him.

In doing so, she finds it hard to climb on and stay on. Zera also shows up behind her. Mavis is shot off as she once again tries to climb on top of the dragon. Zera asks her why she would go this far, when she mentions that they are all friends. Mavis gets up and thus goes on top of the skull, she begins casting the Law.

Fairy Law thus is used, it destroys the Tenrou Jade, we see both Mavis and Yuri on the ground, but Mavis seems to be in some sort of coma. She is put into bed, but she does not wake up. Every doctor has tried but it doesn’t work.

They get a doctor of magic from the other town, she arrives and mentions that there is nothing she can do. The town rebuilds itself, we see that some time has passed by, Yuri wakes up as they tell him what has happened to Mavis. He runs towards her after finding out.

We find out that Mavis’ body will no longer grow or mature. Mavis blames himself for all of this, Mavis mentions that it’s no ones fault. Thus he cries and tries to figure it out. Mavis tells him that he is her friend, Yuri mentions that he shall live to protect her, no matter what, he will always be there for her.

Yuri goes on to mentions that since that they are friends and all, he wants to reveal that Zera is nothing but an illusion, he can’t see or hear her. This also goes for others as they also can’t notice or see her, Mavis realises this and is shocked. Fairy Tail 274 ends here.

A pretty good episode, seems like Mavis will be shocked for a while, but will figure out a way to get over this. On top of which, she will begin accept this as well as to go on more adventures to find fairies and so on. Nevertheless, can’t wait for the next week’s Fairy Tail 275, titled “Eternal Adventure”, should be good.

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