Shelia defeats Dimaria! Third Origin – Fairy Tail 476

Fairy Tail 476 see’s the defeat of Dimaria once Shelia gains the ability of the Third Origin, she is able to fight at such a power that she is able to use the strongest spell known as Amanomurakumo or Heavenly Gathering of Clouds. She uses he God Slayer powers to defeat Dimaria, once and for all. On top of which, she loses her magic, and Wendy heals Carla when time goes on.

Fairy Tail 476 begins as Ultear tells Wendy and Shelia about Third Origin and what it will do, which will mean that on of them will lose their power, and by this only one of them can do it. However, somehow Wendy pushes Shelia as she mentions for Ultear to activate it on her.

She does so and attacks Dimaria back, using her abilities, it doesn’t do a lot of damage to Dimaria, and thus Wendy is hurt as Dimaria uses her Age Scratch. Shelia is trying to do her own thing, but Wendy’s power doesn’t even scratch Dimaria. She is hurt and is even shot down by Dimaria’s laser which cuts through her leg.

Wendy is unable to understand what’s going on as she is unable to fight against Dimaria. As she’s about to get shot down, we see Shelia as she asked Ultear to use the magic to bring out the Third Origin from her. At this moment, we see Wendy on the ground as Ultear is also starting to disappear as she crumbles, we remember when Ultear was listening to Shelia as she shows her resolve.

Shelia mentions that this is her final stage, it’s an amazing feeling. She quickly steps into action and mentions that she is now fighting for her friends. At each point, we see both Shelia and Dimaria hit each other on and on, on top of which we see that Dimaria’s God Soul begins to get undone as we see Shelia use her God Slaying Magic.

Wendy even uses her magic to aid Shelia using her shield. At each point, we see Shelia use her incredible power and she slowly uses it. On top of which, she remembers the moments in the guild and with everyone. Shelia goes on to mention that she will not use her final spell, Wendy mentions that she will always be her friend.

Dimaria panics as she goes on to attack Shelia but she already uses the ability known as Amanomurakumo known as Heavenly Gathering of Clouds which absolutely destroys her. Time begins to flow again as Shelia tells Wendy to quickly heal Carla, Wendy begins to cry as Shelia lost her abilities, she mentions that magic doesn’t hold a candle to love. Ultear begins to notice how these strong and courageous woman have a bright future in front of them. Fairy Tail 476 ends here.

A pretty awesome chapter, seems like Shelia has lost her powers, but her will be as strong as ever. On top of which, it seems that Wendy has to question her abilities since she wasn’t all that strong. We’ll see what happens in next week’s Fairy Tail 477, titled “Transport”, can’t wait.

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