Saving Magnolia! Living Blue Dragon – Fairy Tail 273

Fairy Tail 273 see’s the come back of Mavis and others as they try to defeat Blue Skull, as well as to trap their master outside the village. Once doing so, they get their hands on the Tenrou Jade which absorbs Yuri into the Blue Skull dragon’s skeletal structure as he’s been overtaken by evil.

Fairy Tail 273 see’s Mavis telling everyone her plan to save the village and return the Tenrou Jade. It seems that Yuri has been dragged onto her plan, they go into the village to ask the lady from before for someone who has a large voice.

They find someone and go on ahead to tell him their plan, this causes him to go to the park to get more people to join him in a protest against Blue Skull. They do so, gather more people and head for the town guild. More and more join against Blue Skull.

Further to this, they need to get to their master, they do so as Mavis puts up an illusion of Magnolia as it burns, he get into it and see’s that it’s nothing but an illusion. He wipes it and gets captured by a cage which Mavis and Zera set up.

Both Yuri and Precht are in the guild hall, they break through many of their forces as they battle and put al of them to sleep with their own magic. The Blue Skull master tells Mavis that the Tenrou jade is a poison, it has black magic which should not be touched.

Precht and Yuri notice the Tenrou Jade after defeating most or all of them. Mavis and others get to the village as Yuri has already touched it. Mavis tells him that he must not touch it, but he doesn’t listen because of the fact that the Tenrou Jade has been absorbing Evil for a very long time.

It somehow begins to glow, and somehow there is a large explosion as he disappears but the Blue Skull Dragon above the church begins to move. It has come to life, it begins to destroy everything including the village. Mavis must find a way of stopping Yuri before anyone gets hurt. Fairy tail 273 ends here.

An okay episode, seems like some parts of this wasn’t in the manga, I guess they’re trying to round off the story with a few extra added bits here and there. Nevertheless, can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 274, titled “Law”, which I guess is similar to the legendary Fairy Law spell.

What do you think?

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