Ishida vs Haschwalth! Ichigo to Yhwach – Bleach 661

Bleach 661 see’s Ishida telling Ichigo to head towards Yhwach where he is still asleep, this is when Ishida realises that he must stall Haschwalth as Ichigo, Chad and Orihime head towards Yhwach. Ichigo and others are faced by grand statues blocking them from Yhwach, Chad stays behind when Ganju shows up as aid.

Bleach 661 begins when Jugram shows up, he mentions that he shall hold him off there as he escapes. Ishida tells him to go already when Jugram mentions that the gate itself has been destroyed already. Jugram mentions before Yhwach wakes up, he shall show his wrath. However, Ishida realises that he has yet not woken up, and thus tells Ichigo to go towards Yhwach.

He tells him about Yhwach and Jugram and how they swap powers, and thus tells him to go and kill him already. Further to this, Ishida mentions that his last words will not be what he’s currently saying. They all then go on ahead.

Ishida realises that Jugram has yet to do something, he hasn’t reacted at all as he mentions that he has seen the future and thus they will perish. Ishida brings out his bow and thus mentions that with Fate, you are able to change it as you please. This surprises Jugram as he mentions that from a minute ago, he was different.

Therefore, they will just need to step back and see how it turns out. Ishida saw a look of shock in his face which probably means that he hasn’t seen the version of him that will have some glimmer of hope of him. It seems like the power he possesses hasn’t been grasped by him. Both begin their attacks

Ichigo, Chad and Orihime climb higher and higher, Orihime begins to cry as Ichigo asks whats going on, she mentions that she had first thought that Ishida could have really turned over to the Quincy, but it seems that he was working as a double agent, and thus is relieved.

Out of nowhere, we see large statues appear on top of them as they begin attacking them. Further to this, another attack appears as Chad just blocks it with his arm. Chad mentions that he has this, and gives a thumbs up, leaving Ichigo and Orihime to go on.

Out of nowhere, we see Ganju show up from the ground, he mentions that he has arrived to help him. He tells a joke which wasn’t that funny. Chad mentions that once Ichigo has his eyes set, he wont concentrate on anything else, that is why he has to help him in his guide, he and Ganju will fight these statues.

What were your thoughts on the chapter? It seems that Ishida vs Haschwalth will be a hard battle by Ishida, yet it seems like he has something of a surprise to show. On top of which, Chad fighting alongside Ganju is also pretty good. He always fights huge opponents. Nevertheless, can’t wait for next week’s Bleach 662 when we see what happens next.

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  1. Rossell

    Great chapter, i even remeber gaju was there in wanderwelt, but very emotive.
    so in this point we can see the Omni-power has limits, great hope.


  2. nickdunnaquatic

    Interesting chapter. I feel like Uryu will have alot of trouble against Jugram. But it’s been foreshadowed that Jugram can’t use the full power of the Almighty. So when he saw Ichigo, Orihime, and Chad die, it’s probably not going to happen. And Chad and Ganju are fighting these stone guards. I feel like a Quincy is the one creating these guards and will be their opponent. If Ganju can just pop out of nowhere, I’d imagine Nelliel and Grimmjow will show up somewhere. But I think it’s obvious that their is more than just the a stone guards protecting Yhwach’s palace. And I feel like Ichigo and Orihime are going to run into Liltotto and Giselle. They are in the palace. If they run into them, Orihime will definitely heal them.


  3. josephbhwanah

    Well, ther wasn’t much going on in this chapter to be excited about, but i’m atleast happy that it turned out as i predicted last week that this was shaping up to be “Uryu Vs Jugram”..It was only right for Uryu to face Jugram alone so as to properly showcase just how powerful he has really become & to better demonstrate his abilities , & lets face it, given the current quincy ranks, it was only right for Uryu to face Jugram with the al-mighty since i think he is no match for him as he is now..Uryu is supposively Yhwach’s successor & has schrift “A”, for all we know, he too might have the “Almighty” & thats y he so confident defying Jugram & he is not wally of him, for all we know, he might possess something of slight or equal magnitude to the almighty, & lets not forget that Yhwach thinks Uryu even has the potential to surpass him(as a quincy ofcourse, but Yhwach he is more than that now) but watever it is, im pretty confident its something above Jugram without the Almighty, with Jugram having the almighty, the scales might be equal depending on what sort of schrift Uryu has…But as it stands now, Jugram has the advantage since he has his unknown schrift, the almighty & his experience as the grand-master while on the otherhand thou Uryu is potentially powerful now, i still think this is going to be a hard one for him..Either-way, i feel like this fight might be interrupted by Yhwach before it gets to its conclusion


  4. Warmate Emmanuel

    Urdu might end up activating his schrift in a near death situation when he has been greatly injured by Jugram and orihime with ichigo vs yhwach well we all know yhwach will win plus I think we haven’t seen yhwach full abilities our knowledge of him is greatly limited plus he is now yhwach(quincy) soul king(shinigami and hollow)..


  5. josephbhwanah

    Yhwach is waay too powerful in such a way that i just cant imagine how he will be defeated without making it look silly(lets hope it does get to that)..I mean this guy defeated Yama in base & has his bankai, defeated Ichibei(the most powerful shinigami so far in IMO, dont think even Aizen in god form is a match for Ichibei), he was already the most powerful being by far even before he absorbed the soul King & Mimihagi & yet, every powerful quincy that dies further powers him…seriously! how does one even begin to take this guy on, we expect Ichigo to defeat him but seriously, even with his latest power-up i dont think its enough given what we have seen of him even if he resort to using his new bankai its still not enough, personally, i think Uryu is powerful than him as things stand now & the only reason someone else might think otherwise its because Ichigo is the main character..


  6. trinin ninja

    I enjoyed this chapter. It makes me think that those statues were created by the royal guard members and thus has me predicting that they will serve as enemies in the upcoming chapters. Also im looking forward to chapter 666 where I think that grimmjow will show up with neliel.


    1. Sunite

      Askin v Yoruichi and Yushiro, hmm hope so, but we’ll have to see what has happened there. Yoruichi and Yushiro are both ineffective against them, so you know. Toshiro’s fight might also be good to see.


  7. Steve O

    what up Nick…long time bro! its really bugging the living hell outta me how weak Ichigo looks lately. ata this rate he stands no chance against juha bach his new Bankai better be Epic


  8. nickdunnaquatic

    Hey Steve! What’s up dude? 🙂

    This chapter basically wraps up the matches up soon to come. Its similar to when the Visord came to help the Captains against the top three Espada. We have all the current matches up in place like before. We have Gerard vs Toshiro, Shinji, Momo, Byakuya, Rukia, Renji, Hiyori, Hachi, Lisa, and Love. Yoruichi vs Askin. Uryu vs Jugram. Chad and Ganju vs Wahrwelt guards. Considering we are close to 666 and Chad’s Fullbring is based on the devil in Christianity, I believe we are going to see Chad’s fight first.


    1. trinin ninja

      It’s interesting that you bring that up. I remember when chad said that one of his arms is called la muerte. But I think grimmjow will have his moment in chapter 666. However, you might be right. Maybe chapter 666 is chad’s big moment or maybe we’re both wrong and it’s somebody else moment. In any case, I would enjoy seeing chad’s new moves as well as grimmjow’s.


      1. nickdunnaquatic

        I feel like Grimmjow will show up with Nelliel. Because I don’t believe he can cure himself of Askin’s poison. I personally believe they will both fight Harribel as a Quinccar. I think will be first because 666 goes with his deablo symbolism. Its perfect for Ginjou, Tsukishima, and Giriko to come and help him and Ganju. I also believe when we see Ichigo and Orihime again, they will run into Liltotto, Bazz-B, and Giselle and Orihime will heal them. I also feel like Uyru and Jugram’s fight will be last. I’m expecting a Schrift and Vollständig reveal from both of them.


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