Yoruichi and Yushiro vs Askin Nakk Le Vaar! – Bleach 657

Bleach 657 see’s Yushiro return to the screens as he joins Yoruichi to fight against Askin Nakk Le Vaar. On top of which, Yoruichi allows Orihime, Chad and Ichigo to get back up and carry their mission on. Askin gets a lethal dose of both Yoruichi and Yushiro’s techniques giving him the upper hand.

Bleach 657 see’s the attack from Yoruichi directly attack Askin, all while Yoruichi aids Orihime in getting her to heal herself all while then aiding Chad and Ichigo once she is ready. However, out of nowhere, Yushiro appears as he tries to hug her. She quickly asks why he’s here, mentioning that he should be with Kisuke and others.

However, he mentions that as they already have a bunch of Captains with them, there is no reason for them, so he leapt into the fray where she was, in order to rescue her. She gets pissed off because of what he said. However, Yushiro begins to cry as he mentions that he’s certainly become much stronger.

Askin then reappears as he mentions that he hates to interrupt this touching reunion, when Yoruichi mentions that there is nothing touching about this situation. Ichigo gets up, Yoruichi tells him and the others to go on ahead as fast as they can. Ichigo tells Yoruichi to watch her back, when Yoruichi herself mentions that it would take a lot to even slow her down.

Askin mentions that they’re getting away, and that he’ll definitely get an earful from Yhwach, however Yoruichi mentions that he won’t have to since Ichigo will take care of him. Yushiro mentions that it’s called the Thunder God and that he shouldn’t make fun of Yoruichi.

All when Askin thinks that he’s a girl, all when Yushiro gets pissed off as he charges upon Askin and smacks him in the face. He’s seriously strong, he even makes him bleed. All while, Yushiro mentions his rank and then unleashes his Shunkou Bakuen Musou (or Unparalleled Combustion) which causes a large explosion.

It seems that Yoruichi respects Yushiro for his rank and how quickly he’s grown and how strong he is now. Yushiro takes this as a positive. Askin appears, he’s electrocuted and exploded, so now we see that he’s gotten attack by both to a critical level. He then mentions that as he has their reiatsus, they can no longer kill him. Bleach 657 ends here.

A brilliant chapter, and it’s fantastic to finally see Yoruichi and her little brother, Yushiro taking part in this battle. They’re will surely have to fight to the maximum seeing as how badly Askin Nakk Le Vaar will take them. Brilliant chapter, can’t wait for next week’s Bleach 658, when this awesome series continues.

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    Well allow me to put my opions in order my friend:

    First, I like to say I hope you had a Merry Christmas!!

    Second, Yoruichi is looking as sexy and hot as always!!!!!!!!

    Third, while Yuushiro has shown he is no light weight, I expected him to know Haduka and know a bit of Shunko, I still not hyped on him, I’m not a fan of the too carefree, annoying, oblivious, can’t tell when someone is being sarcastic, dim witted characters, they get so overrated, with characters from other series like Luffy & Natsu has been done too many times, I get tired of it. Dim-witted characters with punkish attitudes like Ichigo & Gintoki from Gintama are always my favorite!!

    Fourth, I hope we get to see Yoruichi sword or at least know why she doesn’t use it.

    Fifth, I hope Soi Fon isn’t far behind, as we didn’t see her among the Gotei 13 captains when they were fighting Gerard and I think Kubo would make clear if Soi Fon was shot by Lille (As they mention only vice-captains were only shot). Given her devotion of Yoruichi maybe she noticed her little brother, missing and went to look for him. Beside it is a good opportunity for Kubo revealing why Yoruichi left Soi Fon when she left 100 years ago, when have been getting Kubo going into details about questionable relationships since the Soul Society Arc, like Mayuri & Nemu and also Shunsui & Nanao, so it seems like a good chance.

    Sixth, overall good chapter, still don’t like Yuushiro, Yoruichi is hot as always, hope Soi Fon comes in so we cane see a Shunko Fest, glad to see Askin is not going down easy, and I’m really glad with how Kubo has gone and expand on the powers of the Elites, that there not as simple as I thought they were originally.

    Finally, Wish you a Happy New Year 😀 !!


    1. Sunite

      Merry Christmas!
      I don’t quite think Yoruichi has a sword, she might have one. I’ve seen an image somewhere where she is carrying her sword but it seems to have disappeared. But at this point, I don’t think she has one. I think because Yoruichi is there, Yushiro is a little carefree because of how strong is. However, Askin is one helluva beast too. I think this will take some time from both of them in order to counter Askin and his attacks since he’s immune to their attacks now.

      Happy New Year 2016, in a few days! 😀


    2. nickdunnaquatic

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Sui-Feng does come to help. Askin was clearly batting Yushiro to use Shunko, which allowed him to consume a large amount of Shunko on top of Yoruichi’s version. He is now using The Deathdealing to make himself immune to Shunko. Which means Yoruichi and Yushiro can no longer kill him with Shunko. That also means if Sui-Feng does come to help, her Shunko is out of the question. I like how Yushiro’s Shunko is fire, Yoruichi is lighting, and Sui-Feng is wind. Askin is really durable. He used Blut Vene to tank Grimmjow’s Reiatsu claws. I assumed he used Blut Vene against Yoruichi’s Shunko, but still got hurt. I like how Askin baits his opponents to attack him. He tried to do that with Mayuri, he acted like he was scared of Grimmjow, he also taunted Ichigo to attack him, and he praised Yushiro’s ego to attack him.


      1. LPEAST

        Kubo has really been summed up relationships between other characters, that have been wrapped around my head from the Soul Society, in these fights with the Elite Sternritters, like Mayuri showed he had some care towards Nemu, (in his own way) and why Shunsui was protective of Nanao, so I think we will see Soifon jump in, as I have been wondering what Yoruichi said to her when she tearfully asked her why she didn’t take her?
        And right now the best captain to help them right now, is Soifon because Askin has poison like attacks and Soifon is immune if she strikes her Zanpukto on to her, negates the poison with her own.

        I’m amazed with Askin durability, he did mentioned in 601, the reason why he has let into the Wandenreich is because he just wouldn’t die. Also I don’t think he is immune to all Shunko’s, just Yoruichi and Yushiro, because he has “examined” their Reiatsu, I wouldn’t think he been immune to Soifon Shunko unless he got hit critically be her and survived. I like how Kubo has expanded on Askin powers and how there’s more to it than I thought, and the same with the other Elites since the first appearance, like with Lille how I thought all his powers could do was allow him to shoot through anything, but his second power lets himself get passed through anything.


        1. nickdunnaquatic

          I actually would like for Sui-Feng to come help. Sense she and Yushiro were originally in Kisuke’s group and Yushiro ended up in a completely different city, so I believe she followed him to make sure he’s okay, cause I consider her stronger than Yushiro but weaker than Yoruichi. Yes her Shikai can counter poisons so Askin’s poison techniques like Gift Ball will not effect her. Plus she hasn’t used it once in this arc.

          I think you mean endurance. Endurance is when you can handle bad injures and still fight like your fine. Out of the Sternritter, the ones with the best endurance are Giselle, Liltotto, Bazz-B, and BG9. Out of the Schutzstaffel, they all have endurance feats. Pernida is so hard to kill, Gerard was portrayed to he as durable and endurance as Zaraki, and Lille survived the first three acts of Shunsui’s Bankai. Askin did say he cab survive normally fatal injures. His Schrift has a side ability that can heal his injures. He was cut though the chest and throat by Oetsu’s Sayabuse, and the next chapter he’s okay. I’m glad he has the durability ti back up his endurance.

          I’m still not sure what Askin meant by their Reiatsu. But they’re Shunko won’t work, but it’s possible Sui-Feng’s might, but she shouldn’t use it cause he will just to the same thing. I also like that the Schutzstaffel are getting their abilities better explained. I always did suspect that The Deathdealing was able to make substances none lethal to Askin as well. He said he can control the lethal dose of anything he consumes, so I wasn’t surprised he can do this.


          1. AJ

            Actually I’d add Meninas and Candice too because after all they did fight ichigo who is by far the strongest aside from yhwach in his state and was getting slung around by him into buildings and getting back up like nothing. Also he did use the right term because durability is to withstand pressure, wear, and damage.



    Also, I doubt there will be a new chapter next week, around this time, we get a 3 week break from Jump Manga for the holidays.

    Also I don’t blame Askin for thinking Yushiro was a girl, a lot of people thought that, loool!!!


  3. thetaicho

    Merry Holidays everyone.
    I have only two questions.
    one…why is the last page written miscalculated lethal dose? Is there a weakness to The Deathdealing?

    two…if this is Normal Askin, what will his release look like? Volstandig…!!!

    three(sorry)…doesn’t Yoruichis shunko have a catlike look around her head?


  4. AJ

    Also this is perfect time for suifeng to come thru and assist them . like some super ninja triple team. Also I’m sorry but I don’t view sui being that stronger than yushiro like sure the girl had more screen time but this kid is dangerous and I’m pretty sure he had to pass some sort of intense ninja bullshit to become a head of his household. I would actually rate them on the same level if he has the ability and skill to easily master shunko in such a short period of time. He is a Shihoin! After all now. I wonder if bruteforce from hand to hand combat along with some poison(key in sui) would be the case to defeat him 🤔


  5. V K

    Hi, I have just visited this blog and found that you follow up bleach regularly and update about the chapters.

    I was wondering whether the author has again taken a break for the upcoming chapter?


    1. Sunite

      The Christmas holiday meant that a lot of chapters will be delayed for a little while. I don’t think it’ll appear this week, but most likely next week. Not fully sure though.


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