Anime Christmas 2015

It’s Christmas today! Another year has flown past in the world of anime, which contained a number of superb and fantastic manga, anime and some awesome news. Like last year, now I’ll be covering 10 christmasy anime based art work. So, lets begin.


In order of appearance: Charswarrenxo, TheKucing, Rael-chan89, gabito852, UNKAikyou, Iwonn, charadoki, Kiko-x3, AmuChiiHinamori and frasbob.

Along with the usual fan art, this collection contains some of the popular manga which is covered here. However, there are some different mediums for example cosplay and models as seen in the last image. Nevertheless, they’re all magnificent, be sure to check the individual authors if you like any of them.

To end this post, I’d like to wish everyone a very Happy and Merry Christmas! Hopefully you’ve gotten what you’ve wanted this Christmas. It’s also nearly time to open up a new year with new hopes. Be safe and live with a smile.

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