Sasuke’s Power! Naruto Returns – Naruto Shippuden 443

Naruto Shippuden 443 see’s the return of Naruto to the village of the Leaf, he notices that everyone and everything has changed into nothing but a village run by the police consisting of Sasuke and his thugs controlling and preventing the village from developing. Naruto and Sasuke clash as Sasuke notices that he requires even more power, as he visits Danzo when he learns about Orochimaru.

Naruto Shippuden 443 is another mediocre episode as it carry’s on from the previous crap filler arc. Like last week’s review of the episode, I won’t be writing about it extensively, except a few words to show if it’s good or not. It’s an okay episode, yet it pisses me off.

Nevertheless, like always, the Naruto series will always be the same as it tries to extend itself as much as it possibly can with all the potential metaphorical milk it can squeeze out of the fat cow. Any-ways, another week, another episode. Next week’s Naruto Shippuden 444, titled “Rogue Ninja” see’s Naruto chasing after Sasuke, like always.

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  1. Lelethu

    Wow isn’t that “interesting”, Sasuke leaves the village to train with Orochimaru. You weren’t kidding when you said it was a mediocre episode. They should’ve just continued with the original arc ’cause they’ve run out of ideas for the fillers.


  2. Lelethu

    I like Tsunade’s dream from the manga, I wish they animated it rather than the current one but
    would they have made it as short as Tenten or Killer Bee’s dreams?


  3. Jasper Williams

    This really sucks…its like starting the whole series all over…but this time from a little different perspective….well am on long vac and I need something to watch…so av gat no choice than to stick to it….


  4. Jasper Williams

    Judging from the way this filler arc is going…am afraid its gonna take a long time….its doesn’t seem like its gonna end anytime soon…at this rate I just hope it doesn’t run all through 2016 😦


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