Yachiru is Zaraki’s Zanpakuto! Bankai Powers – Bleach 668

Bleach 668 raises my expectation as it seems Yachiru is the physical manifestation of Zaraki’s Zanpakuto. She appears as Zaraki lays on the ground with very little power as Byakuya and Hitsugaya try their best to fight against Gerard. Zaraki realises that Yachiru has given Zaraki the ability to unleash his Bankai!

Bleach 668 begins as Zaraki is hurt by the knock back from the sword held by Gerard. Zaraki doesn’t realise what has happened, this is when Gerard explains that his power allows him for miracles to come true. An ability which gives form to the very thoughts, feelings and desires of the masses. Being unable to destroy his body, which enlists fear into the masses.

And the sword he holds, Hoffnung, which was sheathed in the hope of the masses, if it were to break then it would all fall into despair. Hitsugaya mentions that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. This is when Zaraki steps in to mention that if he cannot shatter his sword, will just have to kill him.

Zaraki mentions that Gerard also sounds like bad villain cliché with all that he’s saying, mentioning his power. Gerard mentions that he’s telling them his power because there is just too big of a difference that they will not be able to hurt him. Hitsugaya mentions that it seems that Gerard and Zaraki seems to be some sort of match made in heaven.

Gerard strikes his sword on the ground in an effort to hurt Zaraki, but it misses him, Zaraki runs up the sword and tries to swing his sword. But Gerard steps back, then smashes Zaraki down from the side into a building. Zaraki is happy to see that Gerard looks slow but is much faster than he looks.

Hitsugaya attacks but Zaraki beats him down after he mentions that he is not his opponent and that he should just let him fight him. He goes back to the fight when Byakuya approaches Hitsugaya. He mentions that it’s pointless, and that Zaraki will fight no matter what. Hitsugaya mentions that they cannot let Zaraki fight this alone.

On top of which, Zaraki has removed his eye patch out, meaning that he’s fighting with all he’s got and that it’s not someone he can fight like this. Byakuya realises that everyone is getting tired and reaching exhaustions. Hitsugaya asks Byakuya for his help as he’d like to freeze him to his bronze while Byakuya uses his Senbonzakura against his frozen body.

Zaraki and Gerard fight one another, it seems that Zaraki is getting weaker with every swing. Gerard mentions that with any fight, his sword will get chipped, and thus he just has to carve that despair into Zaraki’s body. Zaraki gets pushed around unable to do anything.

Seconds later, we see Senbonzakura appear around Gerard, this is when Hitsugaya appears to try and freeze him but fails as Gerard mentions that he can see it all and what they’re trying to do. Gerard mentions that he is the greatest, fastest, mightiest of the Quincy. Zaraki is the ground as he lays there for a few seconds.

He hears a voice asking what he’s doing there. It’s Yachiru! She asks what he’s doing there as Zaraki asks where she’s been all this time. She mentions that if he could have used her properly, there wouldn’t be anyone you wouldn’t be able to cut down. She touches his hands, this is when he contains a power which Yachiru describes as the power which everyone calls a Bankai! Bleach 668.

A fantastic chapter, truly something to tell everyone about. Yachiru is Zaraki’s Zanpakuto and it seems like she’s given him the ability to call upon his Bankai! Can’t wait for next week’s Bleach 669, when we even go as far as to see the magnificent Zaraki’s Bankai, I can’t wait!


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  1. rahmaru

    how weird it is..i mean how come Kusajishi didn’t disappear when Zaraki already called out his Zanpakuto’s name when he was with Unohana…then suddenly???


    1. Sunite

      I think she is a physical form of the zanpakuto, which is why I think that she might be important here. Or he might be a different power within him. Plus technically, the sword he has isn’t his, and it could also mean that he has two powers, his original one and the one he gained from the zanpakuto.


      1. dreager1

        I agree with this. Yachiru being his true sword makes sense and I know that the fans who called this one back during the Hueco Mundo arc are dancing right about now. I was always a little skeptical of the theory myself, but I definitely don’t mind the twist. Yachiru definitely has more personality than most of the other swords and she has always been a cool character. I’m looking forward to an epic Bankai now!


        1. Sunite

          I think it’s been enough time for Yachiru to grow up under Zaraki. Plus she only showed up when Zaraki obtained the sword (I think). And after a few years, she’s strong. And we’ve also seen a couple of tid bits from her own power when she got pissed and showed her power (that cat/tiger form a really long time ago). So maybe that could be something related to this, but still I really want to see it!


      1. Sunite

        Ohh right, I think when Yachiru disappeared, it was when Zaraki went to fight Unohana. And it could be when he began developing and get stronger, this is why she most likely leave him to it and prepare for his release.

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  2. nickdunnaquatic

    At first, I didn’t like this theory that Yachiru was Zaraki’s Zanpakuto spirit, but after thinking about it, I realized it isn’t so bad. Yachiru has always been unusual. She was never affected by Zaraki’s tremendous Reiatsu. Her Zanpakuto Sanpo Kenju, is also strange. She never called the release command when she fought Guenael Lee and Isane even said no Zanpakuto has ever existed because Sanpo Kenju manifests two imaginary creatures that telegraph Yachiru’s Zanpakuto. I have a feeling that Zaraki’s Bankai will be Sanpo Kenju, in that it will telegraph Nozorashi from the front and back. Can you imagine the damage that will cause? Because Yachiru can use Sanpo Kenju without a release command, it means she fights like a Zanpakuto spirit, who used their powers without doing what Shinigami do with their Zanpakuto. And I also read that Yachiru probably created Lumpy (Moko Moko) and Boney (Hone Hone) the same way Katen Kyokotsu (Ohana) created Okyou to hide and represent Nanao’s Zanpakuto, Shinken Hakkyouken. I don’t know about ya’ll, but I have a feeling that Unohana felt more guilty about Zaraki than just handicapping his power. Maybe their battle forced his Zanpakuto spirit (Yachiru) to manifest herself so he wouldn’t die, but took so long for her to reach him sense Zaraki met her when he was much older.

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    1. rahmaru

      i’m also don’t like her being his zanpakuto..one of my reasons is it seem we will never ever be able to see more Kusajishi’s zanpakuto which is Sanpo Kenju

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    2. Sunite

      Totally agree with you, I completely forgot that she herself had her Sanpo Kenju, and as you mentioned, no release command. Could it be that she originally is his released form, but somehow developed a greater power where she herself developed her own Zanpakuto and power which manifested with Sanpo Kenju.
      Also I wonder how Yachiru was triggered to display herself here? Did Zaraki himself realise that he had no chance of winning against Gerard, so Yachiru appeared. While in comparison, when he was a lot weaker when we first saw him in Bleach, Yachiru was always with him. Maybe she’s some sort of protective mechanism.

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  3. Gillyrocks

    All of you posted some nice comments.
    I believe that Yachiru showed up at the end because Kenpachi always gets strobger when he has a near death experience. And him achieving Bankai is not that far fetched. Think about it – in order to achieve Bankai, the zan of a shinigami has to physically manifest, either naturally or artificially(via Urahara’s device). Then training or fighting against it, alongside it or in its presence. That said, kenpachi could have learnt bankai long ago but was unable to due to him psychologically limiting himself.

    So yes it was sad to see Unohana die but she had to because it makes sense if Kenpachi is even stronger than Kyoraku. Because he might be older than him and have more fighting experience. And him attaining bankai would be a huge benefit to the shinigami in this war.

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  4. trinin ninja

    This chapter was ok in my opinion. I did not like when it said the “strongest of the Quincy” because we all know Lille was the strongest/most powerful but gerard can be the physically strongest. I enjoyed toshiro’s little dialogue about them being a match made in heaven or hell. Everyone kept saying that yachiru was zaraki’s bankai butI don’t think that entirely true but we’ll see next chapter. I can’t wait for next chapter!

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    1. rahmaru

      Oh..i forgot about that which we are also thought that Kyokatsu is Ise’s zanpakuto at the end of the chapter..but the truth is Kyokatsu is still Kyoraku’s zanpakuto on the next chapter…


  5. Christopher Waters

    “Yachiru is Zaraki’s Zanpakuto” Ugh thats just a cop out He could of done something better.It does not fit Zaraki like it did stark. But either way its good to have that question answered. I knew Kenpachi would get his Banki in this fight was just a matter of time.



    I was hoping for this to come, Yachiru is actually a part of his zanpakuto, and as soon as he found out that, he will get his bankai.

    I have liked how in all the fights with the Elites we have been getting new Bankai’s reveals.
    Mayuri vs Pernida
    Shunsui vs Lille
    Kisuke vs Askin
    Now Kenpachi vs Gerard.


  7. wilfredimbukwa

    Well. when i saw yachiru explain to kenpachi that the power she is giving him is what they call bankai, i got confused. so what i did i typed on google’s search engine kenpachi’s bankai so as to understand what the hell is happening.
    so i found a link that was posted by a user a year ago and he predicted it that yachiru is actually a zanpaktou. so let me post the link and read it slowly. its so interesting

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  8. Ultimate Coordinator

    Not really complaining but don’t you have to train & learn Bankai, Yachiru just gave it to Zaraki as if it’s nothing. Excited to see its ability next week.


  9. Paddyz

    I think zaraki’s bankai is Sanpo Kenjuu or something related to that if yachiru is Zaraki’s bankai,It will become the strongest cutting power,but gerald hasn’t used voltstanding yet or maybe he doesn’t have one,like pernida because he is part of soul king


  10. jiraiyan

    I found this chapter confusing. I seems to suggest that Yachiru is Kenpachi’s Zanpaktou but I find this to be strange. Part of me feels that this was a cop out, and a way for Kubo to “give” Kenpachi a Bankai. Obviously, it will be explained in the next few chapters, so hopefully it will make some sense.


  11. pag

    so nozarashi is kenpachi’s shikai, yachiru’s shikai is sanpo kenju, yachiru is kenpachi’s bankai.., so yachiru is the zanpaktou of the dead shinigami that kenpachi took and because kenpachi didn;t train for bankai means that the dead shinigami ( yachiru’s original owner ) had already bankai, plus yachiru was trolling kenpachi and didn’t told him he could use bankai ( or at least that she is a zanpaktou ) thus if a zanpaktou of a dead shinigami can fully function someone might take ryujin jakka and kill em all !
    f…ck logic


  12. bitou_san

    man, this chapter literally made me cried (deep,manly tears)
    soooo..all this long they have let a zanpakutou become the liutenant of the 11th Division
    well, she’s good XD
    i want her baaaaaaccckkkkkkk !!!!!! she’s my fav character in bleach (after that shiro ichigo)


  13. soberedwithsadness

    To everyone saying how you have to train to get Bankai, you have to train enough with your Zanpaktou to get to that level, Zaraki already mastered the art of killing people while it was still in its unreleased state, and finally learning the name of his sword gave him more power. Plus it makes perfect sense when Nozarashi says “I’ve been watching you all this time” that was meant in a literal sense. According to the story Yachiru turned up when Kenpachi got the sword and didn’t have a name.

    It also explains why she disappeared after his sword release – Yes he asked her to get herself patched up but as soon as he released his sword you never heard from her again. Plus we all know that swords can materialise into the real world and you can interact with them but you need a lot of reiatsu to do be able to do that, which Kenpachi has more than an abundant amount of. It makes perfect sense to me, a plot twist but one many people did forsee.


  14. Paddyz

    Wow I totally agree with your opinion,and now yachiru gives kenpachi his reiatsu back so kenpachi can used bankai now,it quite the same as stark in the arrancar arc,the girl can turn into gun,so yachiru can turn into a swords


  15. @T_Do_

    Personally i think its perfect how things plained-out. I mean think about it… ken is the strongest and his profile fits, what i mean u might ask? Well ken wears an eye patch to limit his power, he, himself cuts of his power within himself plus his sword is always materialed till recently. No matter how u look at it, ken has always “walked away” from his power and its only natural that all that power catch up to him…


  16. Drew

    While I am not a fan of the Yachiru is Kenpachi’s Bankai i will accept it as it can be viewed as a polar opposite to Stark and Lilinette. I would have preferred that she be her own shinigami and eventually become the new Kenpachi a couple centuries down the road. The OC in me keeps thinking it is sort of a cop out but then again she was not originally his sword to begin with and we have seen that Zans are able to manifest human forms when they want to.

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  17. josephbhwanah

    I have to say i didnt appreciate this reveal & given the circumstances it was revealed, @wilfredimbukwa I remember reading about that link you posted a while back & as much as that makes sense now, It was one of the things that i didnt want nor expect could come to pass & as much as people finding it sensible since its something that was laid out, I personally didnt like this..As much as it kills of Yachiru as her own character, it also makes somethings seem rather preposterous(All this time the lieutenant of squad 11 was kenpachi’s zanpaktou/kenpachi’s zanpaktou having its own zanpaktou & how could anyone have failed to notice that she was related to Kenpachi since she was after-all kenpachi’s zanpaktou spirit) & worse the time that all of this is revealed is even worse IMO, in this same battle, we havent even grasp full the extent of Kenpachi being in unreleased state before nor did we see much of his shikai without his eye-patch & while we are going through all that, this guy is about to bankai out of nowhere with another ridiculous notion that Yachiru is actually his bankai..I would have been better off if stuff like this came one at a tym but this is just too much going on for just one character no matter how you look at it(this is coming from a person who appreciates Kenpachi) & its bad writting on Kubo’s part, Now we can definitely conclude that Shinji’s moment is stolen, guys like Shinji who we havent yet seen much about them r being wasted for fan-service( Shinji was caught on them same shit stomp as Byakuya & others but somehow, Byakuya seems to be quick to turn back to the spotlight..& just wen u think zaraki is suppose to be something more it turns out that he too needs bankai to defeat the “Elite” how does that make him any different to any other captain that was forced to go bankai against an “Elite”, Gremmy really was nothing much after-all other than some elite used to justify how strong kenpachi has become then, people might be happy that we finally getting to see kenpachi’s bankai given circumstances even thou given the fact that he is a war-potential it should have been smething saved for last, cant believe we actually get to see first the least expected bankai reveal over bankais like Ukitake’s, Isshin, Shinji( captains who already had one) over someone who had none..& lets just hope these so called parts of the soul king as revealed before actually had their own power hence, had no vollstandig which is more of quincies given power by Yhwach seem to have


  18. josephbhwanah

    @ Pag, Kenpachi took a dead shinigami’s asauchi, which means the previous owner had no shikai nor bankai nor did he even develop his zanpaktou spirit as of yet..If a shinigami dies, so does his zanpaktou spirit with one exception of Kaname tousen who was able to will someone else’s zanpaktou as his own


    1. nickdunnaquatic

      Yes that is true. Kaname’s friend had a Zanpakuto, which was actually Suzumushi. When she died, he was able to not imprint his soul, but to actually make Suzumushi his own Zanpakuto. I believe that’s because his soul was very similar to his friends so, so Suzumushi accepted him as its new master. We still need information as to why Yachiru is manifested. Maybe she didn’t know she was Nozorashi until Unohana broke Zaraki’s mental shackles or when he used his Shikai against Gremmy.


  19. realtalkguy

    everyone moaning at Yachiru being Zaraki’s Zanpakuto can fuck off, its been a long time comind and yes while he powered up massively he still got stomped on. u can criticise KT 4 alot of things, from the extension of the series after it was blatantly over, to the silly way ichi got his powers back. But fuck you all the moaners over this. Its not like kenpatchi wasnt already established to be the strongest swordsman.


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